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Samsung explosion after Apple shutdown, the opportunity to return to the domestic mobile phone? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] science news following the Samsung Note 7 mobile phone due to the "explosion" incident after the exit, recently, the focus of the market and transfer to Apple iPhone 6S "off" events. Recently, media reports, a number of iPhone 6S users, your mobile phone will automatically shut down in case of charging and battery, after activation, and mobile phone display before the shutdown of power, but will soon appear leakage problem. Some media asked Apple’s official customer service, the explanation is that there are a variety of mobile phone automatic shutdown, abnormal temperature, system upgrades, and the program will cause the phone will automatically turn off. However, apple is not explicitly given the reasons for the automatic shutdown iPhone 6S phone. In fact, last year, after the listing of iPhone 6S soon, it has appeared in the case of the phone in the case of adequate power off. At that time, the industry generally believe that the low temperature led to the shutdown of the phone. By 2016, there are more and more similar iPhone 6S users, and in normal room temperature, there will be these problems, which attracted the attention of all parties. Media appeal, Apple should attach importance to Chinese consumers, as soon as possible to announce the reasons and treatment methods. China intelligent mobile phone market, the recent first explosion after Samsung, apple automatic shutdown, two mobile phone manufacturers in the product quality problems, which will undoubtedly give the domestic mobile phone manufacturers development opportunities, especially in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have already got rid of copycat label, to vigorously attack high-end smart mobile phone market today. Of course, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, it is necessary to face up to their own and Samsung, Apple’s gap, and the experience of the two companies for reference, and constantly improve the quality of technology and products, is the key to anti. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: Pixabay)相关的主题文章: