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Automobiles I recently traveled to Chicago for business and couldnt help but notice their gas prices, which happen to be the nations highest at the moment! It was rare to see anything below $4.50, and thats even with the recent drop in the cost of a barrel of oil. Seeing these prices really drove a point home with me we need more efficient San Carlos luxury cars. Fortunately for all of us luxury vehicle drivers, automakers are responding to this desperate need. As for BMW, theyve taken several steps to increase vehicle efficiency and a special group dubbed Project i has been working diligently to counteract efficiency issues. The result of their work includes the two-seat Mini E, a car thats to be followed by the electrified BMW 1-series ActiveE, a small fleet of which will be leased this summer. Beyond that, the brand has even recently launched BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. This is a concept vehicle that previews the future of driving using todays technology by blending ground-breaking efficiency with trademark BMW performance. The project shows just how captivating sustainable motoring can be and has everyone at the San Francisco BMW dealership excited. As great as the EfficientDynamics program is, BMW isnt willing to stop there. In fact, they are taking things one step further with a new sub-brand called BMW i. These new i vehicles are taking a radical approach to efficiency. As BMW marketing chief Ian Robertson explains, they will be products for high-class clients. Robertson went on to further explain the sentiment behind the new sub-group: BMW i represents a new movement in premium mobility. With the introduction of this new sub-brand, the BMW Group reaffirms its leadership as the most innovative and sustainable premium car company. The products and services have been conceived around a revolutionary approach: purpose designed and purpose built for sustainable, premium mobility. Its a new day in our industry; a new era for individual mobility. This is BMW i Born Electric. There will be two main cars making up the BWM I sub-group: the i3 and the i8. The former has been previously known as the megacity vehicle and will launch in 2013; the latter is the series-production version of the 2009 EfficientDynamics concept and will launch shortly after the i3. While these vehicles will initially launch just in Europe, your local San Francisco BMW dealership is anticipating their stateside arrival not long after. While a big focus of the i vehicles is on powertrain and fuel efficiency, the automaker wont forget about technology. In fact, the upcoming vehicles will include the latest in "ConnectedDrive" technology on top of an already impressive laundry list of features. With the future of gas prices being so uncertain, it is reassuring to me to know that our automakers are doing their best to combat the problem by producing more efficient San Carlos luxury cars. I look forward to what the future holds for drivers everywhere because I know BMW is fighting to keep driving as efficient as it is exciting! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: