Scenic paragliding lost control parking lot caused 3 people were injured and 4 vehicles damaged

The scenic glider fall out of control parking lot caused 3 people were injured and 4 vehicles damaged the original title: "black fly" glider fall scenic parking lot caused 3 people were injured and 4 vehicles damaged Changsha evening news (reporter Zhu Yanhuang correspondent Sheng Lei) yesterday at 9 o’clock in the morning, a plane carrying two tourists in 5 minutes off the powered paraglider then, suddenly fall out of control from a height of 10 meters, fell into the parking lot of Changsha County Xunlong river ecological scenic art town periphery, a pilot and two passengers suffered minor injuries and was rushed to the hospital, 4 cars damaged ground. 10 yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the Xunlong river ecological art town scenic parking lot, the damaged glider has been packed the car parking lot, restored to normal operation. "Suddenly there is a problem of paragliding halfway, deviated from the intended landing area, falling to the parking lot, scraping the 4 car after the stop, people detained in glider." Witnesses said Mr. Chen, tourists are a pair of mother and daughter, little girl about two or three years old, was a great shock. After the incident, scenic security personnel rushed to the scene to maintain order, and call the 120 emergency call, medical staff rushed to the hospital after the three men. After preliminary examination, the pilot humeral fractures, nasal bone, scapula injured, the need for further treatment. There are a couple of bruises on the mother and daughter, after treatment of the wound has been discharged. "We belong to the air traffic control area. They come in the morning and fly directly, without our consent and permission." Scenic responsible person, during the national day, the paraglider project belongs to company personnel into the area as a tourist scenic spot, while property personnel do not pay attention to, in the parking lot near the periphery of unauthorized flight, and charge a fee to the tourists, belonging to illegal business. After investigation, the flight test process, due to improper operation of the pilot and the wind direction of the accident occurred, resulting in injury. At present, scenic spots have been found 4 vehicles damaged car owners coordinate liability company for compensation for damage to the vehicle and injuring 2 tourists, and to the company sent a letter to ban scenic flight again. Scenic areas will strengthen security work, careful inspections to ensure the safety of tourists. Source: Changsha evening news editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: