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Business Many people have written about the knowledge of turquoise, the history of it in the United States and throughout the world. Now I would like to help you learn more. I am not sure that you all know the turquoise is much more valuable than the other stones which came from the same mine as turquoise. But the price of the turquoise jewelry is not high. There are quite a lot of discussions about the formation of turquoise. Some people think that the environment in which turquoise .es into being is very harsh. It must have quite hot temperature and heavy pressure. Some people think that turquoise is formed because of hydrotherm. However, most people think that turquoise .es into being in natural environment. In fact, lots of factors can influence the formation of turquoisetemperature, for example. Turquoise always appears in areas where there are many substances such as copper, sulfur and phosphor. The surface of these areas is oxidized and turquoise .es into being after the weathering of the surface. The hardness, rarity of the stone and "zat" can determine the value of turquoise to some degree. Maybe "zat" is the most important one. It is used to be said that it is the eye appeal of the stone. Also it is the character of the stone. Nowadays, the jewelry made of different materials more and more popular. The majority of our girls like it undoubtedly. All of us want to wear some of them. China jewelry has some differences with that in other countries. They are not so expensive but still in good quality. There are many kinds of jewelry including pearl jewelry, crystal jewelry, turquoise jewelry, gemstone jewelry, coral jewelry, shell jewelry and many other kinds. Each kind has its own character and its style. It also gives people different feelings and influence. In China, all these kinds are rich. You can find it from the inter.. Fashion jewelry online gives much convenience to people. They don"t need to go to jewelry store to see the new fashion. Only from the inter., they can get any kind of jewelry and with lower price. That"s really a good thing to all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: