Send extra books to send toys controversial parents there is a disguised form of marketing suspects

Set aside extra-curricular reading toys to send controversial parents: there are suspected of selling in disguised form – the Chongqing evening news, book reading books to send toys, children want toys, no matter what the book is bought." Yesterday, the parents have 24 hours to Chongqing Evening News Hotline 966988 to reflect, Nan’an District of Longmen Hao primary school recently conducted extracurricular reading subscriptions, the school issued national excellent children’s periodicals recommended list, but with large space toys. "A few days ago, the children get a recommended reading list, said to buy books." Longmen Hao primary school students parents, Mr. Wang told the Chongqing evening news reporter, a closer look, after the recommendation of the book also has a gift, and printed with large space toy pictures. Chongqing evening news reporter found that this newspaper recommended reading list size, write a "2017 1-6 month, welcome to subscribe to national excellent children’s periodicals". In addition to the major publishers recommended bibliography, as well as the introduction of the magazine, presented gifts, subscription price and other information. In the gift column, different books have different gifts, including magic light fantasy cups, barrels and other pirates at a crucial moment. Most of the publications subscription price of 50 yuan for the first half of the year, the directory list accounted for only 1/4 of the length of the recommended reading list, the other 3/4 is the toy. Mr. Wang believes that the primary school age is small, no recognition, if this book for children, to children to buy books, not to sell toys, a disguised form of suspicion. Nan’an District of Longmen Hao primary school a teacher told the Chongqing evening news reporter, the school is distributed to students of the recommended reading list. "This is to press unified information is voluntary purchase principle." A toy introduces a list occupy most of the space, the teacher explained, this is a small gift book organizer with periodicals gift, some small toys enhance the child ability, puzzle, aims to attract children love reading through toys. Chongqing evening news reporter contacted the issuing list China children’s Publishing House Chongqing regional manager Mr. zhou. Mr. Wang’s advice for parents, he admitted on the recommended reading list is a bit more than this toy. Originally sent a small gift in order to attract children to read more widely, did not expect to cause parents unhappy format design." He said that in the future will weaken the contents of the introduction of toys. During the interview, another parent expressed different views. She believes that the toy is a gift, do not sell toys. Even if the child had to buy extra books because of toys, but at least let the children read more extracurricular books, but also a way to increase reading. Chongqing evening news reporter Liu Qing photo coverage相关的主题文章: