Separated by 5 meters can also be charged this is really a wireless charging equipment pp点点通2006

5 meters apart can also be charged that this is really a wireless charging equipment is now a wireless charging is mostly a gimmick, such as NOKIA Lumia wireless charging, how many users have used it? Simply cancel the phone and the charger is probably not the line of our minds in the wireless charging it, we still need to put the phone on the wireless charging board. From flushed play perspective, such as wireless charging cable to charge it. Now, devoted to the research of wireless charging equipment TechNovator company recently developed a real sense of the wireless charging equipment TechNovator XE, from 5 meters to wireless charging, for you cannot do without charge in distress. This wireless charging device looks stupid, like a battery, but its function should not be overlooked. It can launch a low frequency battery wave, so that the equipment within 5 meters to receive charge, and the closer to the device, charging faster. And it is also a special receiver designed to allow mobile phones such as digital devices to receive charging signals. However, TechNovator XE is still in the prototype stage of development, many places are not perfect, I would like to mass production to wait until next year.相关的主题文章: