Shanghai held multilingual copyright cooperation signing conference held in Beijing – Sohu reading

Shanghai held multilingual copyright cooperation signing conference held in Beijing on August 25th – Sohu reading, the sixth session of the "Shanghai Jiang language of the opening of the Expo Forum" in Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) was held at the scene. The theme of this forum is "multilingual online learning: present situation and future, by leading Internet learning platform sponsored by shanghai. The forum, Shanghai and Peking University press, Shanghai foreign language education press, Heilongjiang, three well-known Korean national press press were signed, more sets of bilingual dictionaries in digital publishing content reach official cooperation. The meeting, Shanghai also released a "2015-2016 online learning Multilingual User Research Report", the disclosure of multilingual learning habits and characteristics of online learning users. The signing of three high quality press enhanced multilingual content advantage of this contract the dictionary is a classic, in multilingual learning with high authority of users. The Heilongjiang Korean national press developed the "dictionary", "dictionary of China and South Korea South Korea" two sets of dictionaries by virtue of its high quality won the Chinese and Korean recognition, has become one of the highest rates of Naver translation dictionary of South Korea’s largest search platform Naver website and its use is Naver search engine Chinese dictionary source. Shanghai foreign language education press "modern Chinese Dictionary" and Peking University press "contemporary Chinese and Chinese Japanese dictionary" is widely recognized by the industry classic bilingual books. This cooperation, it would be on the digital content publishing products were two times the value of mining depth. The dictionary of digital publishing content will be used to enrich the corpus based Shanghai’s small D dictionary, fun word games and other learning products, improve the relevant entries, the original dictionary, phonogram tone, speech, interpretation, illustration, illustration interpretation content, to further enhance the multilingual word back industry advantage. "Copyright" Chinese Council executive director, vice president of Shanghai Chang Zhitao said, "the high quality education resources is the springhead of the development of educational industry, from the Internet learning platform resources quality is more and more valued by the public, Shanghai is committed to and press together output high-quality digital educational products and services to the users." Multilingual learning ecology complete copyright industry two times the development of Shanghai power has its own rich learning products such as small D dictionary, fun word games and a variety of mobile Internet applications to the former study, the Collins dictionary based, support multi language online search word, the latter has the language resource rich thesaurus, covering more than Yingridexi Korean Law of Russia the 10 major languages, by more than 30 million of the multi language user. Complete language learning makes the ecological chain advantage in the service of Shanghai massive multilingual users is very obvious. In this ecology, the Shanghai River advocated horizontal linkage development and utilization of copyright, so that publishers to achieve the two development of the copyright industry. At present with the traditional publishing cooperation is mainly in the form of "paper books, online courses, mobile applications three mutually with promoting the transformation of the form of the press and Shanghai Cooperation the quality of book content developed into online courses and mobile learning applications, users can buy books.相关的主题文章: