Shanghai high school students won the Tiangong two science program for Double Award 音羽かなで

For high school students in Shanghai by the Tiangong two science program for double award at this year’s national youth Tiangong two science program activities, Shanghai Aerospace Science and technology school Minhang third students submitted solutions, there are 2 senior high school won the first prize. 15 days 22 when 04 points, equipped with the Tiangong two space laboratory March two rocket blasted off from the Jiuquan satellite launch center. On the collection of the National Youth announced this year Tiangong two science program activities, Shanghai Aerospace Science and technology school Minhang third students submitted solutions, there are 2 senior high school won the group first prize, also gained the 3 prize two, 3 third-prize. This is also the school following the 2011 National Youth Science program is equipped with Tiangong-1 collection won 2 first prize, success once again. An ordinary high school, why can the emergence of so many "small space fans"? "Space botanical garden" learn to make students have the responsibility of the space of plant cultivation. In order to inspire the youth of space exploration interest, CO sponsored by the Association for science and technology, Chinese Chinese manned space engineering office, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation for the National Youth "Tiangong two science program collection activities, from the more than and 100 primary and secondary schools submitted a plan, involving physical, chemical and biological, plant, materials, life sciences and other fields. Experts from the review committee submitted according to the significance of scientific experiment scheme, creativity, integrity scheme, optimization and coordination of weight and volume of experimental device factors, and meet the target aircraft load and safety requirements, the review of the submitted proposal, the top 123 prize. Among them, Zhao Jie, Minhang, three students in the middle school, the Chinese caterpillar fungus Cordyceps to improve the experimental program and the students of the, a biodegradable plastic strains of the trial of the experiment, won the first prize in the high school group. According to reports, the original intention of these 2 experimental programs are in order to study in the space super low temperature, strong radiation, weightlessness and other special circumstances, how to enhance the vitality of cordycepin and biodegradable plastic strains. In fact, as early as in the Tiangong-1 science program 2011 collection, Minhang third students came to prominence. The school many senior high school students "submitted to the seed plants on the verge of extinction carrying scheme", not only in the Tiangong-1 science program collection won the first prize, but also talent shows itself, was eventually identified as carrying schemes. Seeds of 4 species endangered with students to explore the mysteries of science dream, equipped with "Tiangong-1" into space. To this end, the school also established a special botanical garden space, to encourage children to cultivate the difference of space breeding, space breeding plants and normal plants. Today, in Minhang, the third space in the greenhouse, harvested a wealth of space tomatoes, space pumpkin, eggplant and other space plants. "In the process of fostering space breeding, children are encouraged to learn to be responsible." Minhang science and technology teacher Liu Hui said. The first space camp, 30 teachers and students went to Jiuquan satellite launch center to observe. "Many small space" is an ordinary high school how, why can frequent "small space fan" and "small aviation fans"? Science teacher Liu Hui said, thanks to the recent 10 years slightly相关的主题文章: