Shanxi Beijing Exhibition of agricultural products 42 agricultural project investment of 24 billion running man20130526

Shanxi Beijing Exhibition of agricultural products 42 agricultural project investment of 24 billion 100 million yuan – Beijing Beijing in September 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Na) Shanxi (Yuncheng? Linfen? Lvliang) Beijing characteristic agricultural products trade fair 23 officially opened in Beijing. At the scene, 42 investment projects signed a total of $24 billion 100 million agricultural. It is understood that the signing of the project involves the development of grain industry chain, new energy logistics and rural electricity supplier, characteristics of agricultural planting and deep processing of agricultural products trade. Among them, billion yuan project 28, 1 billion yuan more than 8 projects, namely: Datong Yanggao project, Yangquan photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse cultivation of Eucommia processing projects, Sinopharm shares company of Changzhi genuine medicine ingredients and health industry, Jinzhong Yuci Sequoia platform project "three technology development" project, Lvliang potato breeding Lanxian small grains culture Yuncheng tourism project, Xinjiang MAKIHARA group of pig breeding project in Shuozhou, Huairen, Jinzhong pig breeding project elephant group in Shouyang Han Shiwei group of pig breeding project. Yuncheng, Linfen and Lvliang are rich in agricultural resources. According to the mayor of Lvliang Wang Liwei introduction, Lvliang agricultural product varieties, high yield, the existing 10 the city more than 800 kinds of agricultural products, China is famous red dates, walnuts, small grains, liquor production base. It is understood that the Lvliang red dates planting area reached 200 mu, annual output of 300 million kilograms, accounting for 13.4% of the total output of China, accounted for half of Shanxi Province, is the largest production base of China red dates; walnut planting area reached 2 million 830 thousand mu, accounting for 7% of the total area of Chinese, accounted for half of Shanxi Province, the normal year yield of 30 million kg about 1/4 of total output in China, Shanxi province accounted for 1/3. Coarse grains in Lvliang is also very famous, there are millet, soybean, beans, naked oats buckwheat, sorghum and other 20 kinds of main Lvliang small grains, the annual planting area of 2 million acres, accounting for about 15 of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, yield 180 million kg accounted for 12.6%. The potato planting area of 1 million acres, the annual output of 600 thousand tons, accounting for Shanxi Province, respectively, 26.6%, 26.7%. Wang Liwei said that the Lvliang agricultural products quality, green, organic, pollution-free, Xingxian "Jin Gu Xiang" millet, red bean and Linxian County kidney type soybeans and other agricultural products containing crude protein, amino acid and calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements content was significantly higher than that of ordinary products, the market content of the main content; the nutritional components of potato Lanxian Kexin 1, Zhang Ji potato No. 8 etc. the main varieties of starch, protein and vitamin C, were higher than the ordinary varieties on the market. Yuncheng is known as "Shanxi granary" and "China fruit". Yuncheng municipal government party members Qiao Dengzhou said, Yuncheng fertile land, is best protected vegetable China wheat, cotton and the Yellow River basin in the Loess Plateau region and the apple three advantages of national planning, regional planning of agricultural products Chinese in strong gluten winter wheat and maize area advantage area. At present, Yuncheng has formed a grain, fruit, vegetables, livestock and agricultural products processing "five leading industries, is one of the most important wheat cotton base in Shanxi Province, fruit base, national fruit standard)相关的主题文章: