Shuang 11 old Shaanxi one day chop hands 2 billion 400 million rows of the country’s seventeenth-liuxiaobo

"Double 11" old Shaanxi day "cut the hand of 2 billion 400 million ranked seventeenth in the country (reporter Wang Mei) 120 billion 700 million yuan! Alibaba eighth "double 11" ending, let the global retail industry was single platform, single day turnover of billions of new records. In November 11th after Shaanxi began to panic buying, cut the hand of the party who force across the board. At 4:13 in the afternoon of 11 all day long beyond double 1 billion 952 million of the turnover last year, as of 11 May 24, Shaanxi in the "double 11" a total consumption of 2 billion 467 million yuan, ranking seventeenth in the country. Spent so much, Shaanxi people have to buy what? Reporters from the age of 25, 26-35 years, 36-40 years old, 41 years old age of four, they love to buy the goods are down jacket, mobile phone and woolen coat, the favorite brand of apple, millet and glory, and the ability to purchase from the male female. As the center of the city, Xi’an is still in the shopping capacity ranked first, followed by Xianyang, Yulin. From the purchasing power of age, 26-35 years old to become the absolute main purchase purchase of Shanxi, from the occupation distribution, staff, students have become the largest shopping group. At the same time, the outbreak of the Shaanxi local electricity supplier "field force", foreign sales in our province the largest commodity sheep milk powder, Soybean Milk machine, mixer, domestic liquor, Shaanxi native consumers love to buy honey, medlar, rice, apple and 37. The early morning of November 12th, a number of world records in Chinese, Tmall "double 11" global Carnival total transaction amount up to 120 billion 700 million yuan, as the financial support of ants all day long the completion of the 1 billion 50 million pen payment service payment, the peak reached 120 thousand seconds. In these world records, people in Shaanxi have also made their contributions. Data show that in November 11th all day long 24 hours, Shaanxi flowers for the consumption of 540 million pictures, ranked seventeenth, ahead of Tianjin and Chongqing, 3 million 320 thousand people have obtained consumer protection insurance. Among them, the people of Xi’an flowers chant advance consumption 300 million, far more than the rest of the main city of Shaanxi, accounting for nearly half. The reporter learned from the ant gold suit, although this is the second time to participate in the flower chanting "double 11", take payment volume of 20% for double 11. Take pictures favored, marking a new generation of new consumption habits are gradually formed. Data show that the flowers chant user is very young, China 90 per 4 among 1 open flowers. "Double 11" Carnival, the insurance also began to enter the more ordinary citizens view. The same day, 600 million pen policy in the ant insurance platform was born, equivalent to an average of 410 thousand per minute, a number of insurance companies provided a total of 22 billion 400 million of the amount of guarantee for the whole world "cut the hand of the party who. Most of these insurance presented by the seller, including return shipping insurance, logistics, food shelf breakage insurance was required in the process of consumption insurance.

“双11”老陕一天“剁手”24亿 排全国第17位   本报讯(王媚)1207亿元!阿里巴巴第8个“双11”收官,让全球零售业诞生单平台单日交易额破千亿的新纪录。11月11日抢购开始后,陕西“剁手党”们全线发力。下午4时13分超越去年双11全天19.52亿的交易额,截至11日24时,陕西人在“双11”一共消费了24.67亿元,排名全国第17位。   花了这么多,陕西人都买了啥?记者从25岁以下、26-35岁、36-40岁、41岁以上四个年龄段发现,他们最爱买的商品都是羽绒服、手机和毛呢外套,最喜爱的品牌有苹果、小米和荣耀,而且女性购买能力强于男性。   作为中心城市,西安依旧在购物能力上蝉联第一,咸阳、榆林紧随其后。从购买力年龄段来看,26-35岁购成为陕西的绝对购买主力,从职业分布看,公司职员、学生当仁不让成为最大购物群体。同时,陕西本土电商“洪荒之力”全面爆发,我省对外销售最多的商品为羊奶粉、豆浆机、搅拌机、国产白酒,陕西消费者最爱购买的土特产为蜂蜜、枸杞、大米、三七和苹果。   11月12日凌晨,多个世界纪录在中国产生,天猫“双11”全球狂欢节的交易总额高达1207亿元,而作为金融支持力量的蚂蚁金服全天完成10.5亿笔支付,峰值达到12万笔 秒。   在这些世界纪录中,陕西人民也作出了自己的贡献。数据显示,11月11日全天24小时,陕西人用花呗消费了5.4亿,排全国第17,超越天津和重庆,332万人获得了消费保险的保障。其中,西安人用花呗预支消费3亿,远超陕西其它主要城市,占比近一半。   记者从蚂蚁金服了解到,尽管这只是花呗第二次参加“双11”,为双11承担了20%的支付量。花呗倍受青睐,标志着新一代的新消费习惯正在慢慢形成。数据显示,花呗的用户非常年轻,中国的90后每4个当中就有1个开通了花呗。   “双11”狂欢中,保险也开始进入更多普通市民的视野。当天,6亿笔保单在蚂蚁保险平台上诞生,相当于平均每分钟41万单,多家保险公司为全世界的“剁手党”们提供了总计224亿的保障金额。这些保险大都由卖家赠送,包含退运费险、物流破损险、食品保质险等在消费过程中被大家所需要的险种。相关的主题文章: