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Sichuan Huaxing Power coveted trust equity – Sohu Financial Securities Times reporter Hu Feijun trust equity has become the capital chasing parties xiangbobo. In September 9th the Zhonghai trust announced that it will hold a 30% stake in Sichuan trust open outcry, caused the attention of many buyers. Including the outside exposed Boland group and September 20th announcement of the Yongtai energy subsidiary Huaxing power. The securities times trust? Bella exchange reporter noted that the old buyers can trust Huaxing Power circle "". The predecessor of the company previously held a 30% stake in the trust, however, was renamed after Huaxing Power in October last year, announced the transfer of the equity investment income was 67 million yuan. Trust license into xiangbobo September 9th, Zhonghai trust in Beijing equity exchange publicly listed on the transfer of holdings of 30.2534% stake in Sichuan trust, the listing price of 3 billion 750 million yuan, up to October 12th. According to the reporter, Sichuan trust restructuring in November 2010 opened, the China Sea trust holds 30.25% stake in Sichuan trust, the largest shareholder of the second. Since the reorganization, the rapid development of Sichuan trust, good performance growth. Due to hold 30% stake in Sichuan trust, China Sea trust profitable. Data show that in 2011 China Sea trust investment income from the Sichuan trust 110 million yuan, accounting for the total revenue of $10.7%. 2012, this revenue increased to 260 million yuan, contributed to the trust of China’s operating income of 22%. 2015 Sichuan trust investment contribution to the trust of the Sea reached 417 million yuan, accounting for the current operating income of $26%. In fact, Sichuan trust last year to achieve revenue and net profit has exceeded the second largest shareholder of China Sea trust. Last year, China Sea trust operating income of 1 billion 590 million yuan, net profit of $1 billion 99 million, the industry ranked the top and the top seventeenth, respectively, behind the Sichuan trust of the twelfth and the sixteenth. Reporters also learned that in September 20th the Sichuan Banking Regulatory Bureau approved the Sichuan trust registered capital increased from 2 billion 500 million yuan to $3 billion 500 million. Insiders believe that the rapid development of Sichuan trust in the industry, promising. The reason why the transfer of the trust of the Sichuan sea trust, or with the overall layout adjustment CNOOC group. Trust circle of "old Sichuan buyers" trust transfer of publicly listed equity capital coveted news, citing the parties. According to the media reported recently, Boland group after obtaining insurance, life insurance and raised funds and other financial licenses, hoping to build financial empire, also intends to stake in Sichuan trust. Reporters noted that the coveted Sichuan trust equity include Huaxing power. In September 20th, the listed companies of Yongtai Energy announced that the board of directors agreed to a wholly owned subsidiary of Huaxing Power to participate in the auction of Zhonghai trust listed on the transfer of 30.2534% stake in Sichuan trust. Huaxing Power at the end of last year, the registered capital of 960 million yuan, the total assets of 22 billion 239 million yuan, net assets of 1 billion 935 million yuan, achieved revenues of 5 billion 46 million yuan, net profit of 973 million yuan. In July this year, Yongtai energy capital of Huaxing Power big, registered capital increased to 10 billion yuan from 960 million yuan. surface相关的主题文章: