Sino Russian land and water transport through the best route to achieve an important node in the ann

Russian portage best route important node ports to achieve the "year-round" – Beijing, China News Agency, Heilongjiang October 23 Mudanjiang Xinhua (reporter Wang Dongliang) is located in the eastern Heilongjiang province Dongning – poltavka port cargo inspection channel 23, officially started the implementation of the port inspection and quarantine for 7 days 12 hours work, which marks the in addition to the port during the Sino Russian legal holidays closed customs has achieved "open throughout the year". The port officially opened in April 26, 1990, is China from the Far East of Russia’s largest port city of Vladivostok nearest level crossings, connected with the Russian road network; from the Russian Far East’s largest railway marshalling station Rees Wusu city is only 53 kilometers, an important node in the best route and portage on russia. According to the east city inspection and Quarantine Bureau responsible person, before this, retreat one day, China Russia Dongning – poltavka port every Sunday in recent years, with the Sino Russian good neighborly and friendly relations and trade cooperation has been strengthened, the port clearance demand is also increasing; according to statistics, only 2011 to 2015 years, the cumulative port immigration officers 1 million 969 thousand passengers, 1 million 430 thousand tons of goods import and export, import and export value of $12 billion 740 million, and another in the Sino Russian port surrounding derived from fruits and vegetables, including clothing, building materials, automobiles and many other commodities import and export base. The responsible person said, in the East – poltavka port cargo inspection channel formally executed 7 days 12 hours, equivalent to the annual increase of port time of more than and 50 days, which not only extend the clearance time of the port, improve the port capacity, more convenient between Russia foreign trade enterprises. (end)相关的主题文章: