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[slow travel] deeply exploring the Hainan the most original ecological tourism Baisha Li Xiang fam – Sohu, leaving many people’s minds, are hidden in the mountains of the city, as if the word is accompanied by white cloud fam. But such a mystery like place, but always because the mountains far away and let many people flinch, but everyone knows that it is in such a place few people tread more, you never taste of the scenery. This time, accompanied by the Acura team Dudu car, further this quest raw Li Xiang fam…… October, is too strong in summer, the air in Hainan are off those anxious mood, the cool autumn has been around the island, and. This is the best estimate of the early autumn season, said every autumn, should be refreshed, singing, just borrow this opportunity to toot with an invigorating autumn climate, self driving, together with a feedback to the owners of the odd journey towards the autumn landscape. Early in the morning, while the sun is right, you sing new CDX car owners, have been gathered in the Acura 4S shop hall. With the slogan of a photographer, accompanied by a good mood in the early morning, everyone’s face filled with a smile, it is the best hope for this journey. All the Acura CDX early Qing car parked in front of the store, in the morning sun began to appear bright colors, the color models and neat logo, is to have a fully equipped for the mighty army of both visual sense, what all don’t say, go! A huge fleet of neat models, as long as the shuttle started on the road, the road does not stop vehicles and pedestrians at watch, the journey was not started, everyone has a sense of pride in the super cool. The first stop: first net station, the team in Chengmai blue sky next assembled, has been gradually autumn, but Hainan is still some bright midday sun. But it still can not stop you, Acura owners are warm I. Sunny weather is not just to bring the glare of the sun, but also bring the clear sky, but did not pay attention to see the roadside there is no flowers in full bloom, it really should be the phrase "" facing the sea, spring "scene. So the sun on the beach of the good weather, to the beach quickly before the shadow go first. You handsome uncle owners spontaneously formed "the Brotherhood", also began to prepare in the lofty sentiments and aspirations, in the best of spirits, net base, a "big business" on the brush to the sound of the waves, then a walk along the coast, see come to our place this dragnet. Several fishermen had big brother to help us well, look at us to get together with the net, began actively. But don’t forget, we have the "Brotherhood" but has made the big ambition, the first to experience net opportunity, how can easily be missed, the 123 pronged battle quickly. Although the net also draw strength, but definitely for their labors to eat only the most fragrant. The elder brother laughed so.相关的主题文章: