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Storm hero second season September 15th open   reward Lions – game in September 12, " storm hero" the first official ranking at the end of next week will usher in the season for the second season, officials have prepared some optimization of course contents, piles of new rewards. Season time second season will be updated next week after the official launch. The following is the schedule. Date the start of the second season before September 15th after the end of the second season after December 12th,   * date may vary according to the area with Zong Shiji in the first season, the official felt master class 500 limit the number or too wide. The official to let the master class become more rare, but also more able to show their strength, only the strongest part of the game player to win seats with effort. Therefore, the official will be in this season will reduce the number of master class from 500 to 200. Promotion and relegation tournament in the qualifying game to win or lose the relegation tournament will no longer win or lose 250 ranking points, the score of these games will now be the same as the general rankings. When you participate in a qualifying game, you will be in the previous game to win all the more than 1000 points in the limit of the integration of the system will be stored in the rankings, and after the completion of your promotion. You will win points in the tournament and the points you have previously saved, so you may see more points than usual after winning. Losing the qualifying game will deduct points from the game’s points, so you may lose sight of the points you lost after the game. Relegation will not save the lost points, so if you lose in the relegation, the loss will be the same as the usual game points. The second season ranked second in the season to reward to participate in the game player will be achieved in the league and the team according to the hero in the League won the head, horse or gold and other incentives, the following is a detailed description of the reward. Hero League Head Team League head lion hero League league team elements horse hero League   league team award; reward bronze hero League head   bronze lion horse team league head element bronze silver 750 gold silver hero League head like   750 Gold Silver Lion horse team league head element silver gold 1000 gold gold hero League head   gold; 1000 gold lion horse team league head element gold platinum 1250 elements gold lion mounts platinum hero League head   1250 platinum gold coin element lion mounts platinum 1500 Gold Diamond League team head lion horse hero League head diamond element   diamond 1500 gold lion elements)相关的主题文章: