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Writing-and-Speaking Thirty seconds is too long a time for a person to decide whether or not a particular site is beneficial. It usually takes less than ten seconds to scheme a website and determine its usefulness. Web content writing .es in handy here. When done articulately, this writing has the ability to draw the target customers as they scan articles on the website. According to Strategic Planning gurus Drs. Kaplan and Norton, learning and growth in a .pany is the basis of .pany growth. Human capital and information capital form part of this foundation. Web content writing which is a .bination of these two is a way of empowering the organizations customers and employees about the .pany and its products. Making use of the human capital implies either outsourcing this service to experts or investing in training some employees on web content writing. Most firms prefer the latter option since this allows them to focus on their core .petencies given their limited resources. Simple web content writing can be outsourced to an individual but when more .plex writing is required a specialized firm can be assigned the task. Information capital utilization on the other hand suggests that apart from investing in IT equipment the firm needs to ensure that customers are enabled to access in friendly manner .pany and product information that is brief and insightful. This is efficaciously realized through web content writing. When the targeted customers know about your .pany and its products by easily engaging with your website then a decisive factor in achieving .petitive advantage through customer retention has been attained. Before writing an article the web content writer needs to have a .prehensive understanding of the client and his products. This is because the aim of web content writing is to make visible the firms stability, experience and usefulness. Successful web content writing also necessitates the alignment of the content on the website with the strategic goals of the .pany. Deregulation, increasingly information empowered customers, globalization among others factors have stiffened .petition in all industries like never before and this is bound to increase making .petition even more intense. Domestic .panies are threatened in their own back yards by international .panies who due to economies of scale have diversified into multiple product lines and lure customers away by their low prices. This makes it evident that winning customers who are made loyal to a firm when their needs are met and exceeded is crucial to survival. With increased internet connectivity most people get their required online making it expedient for any .pany to have an online presence further reinforcing the indispensability of web content writing. India which is considered to be among the largest growing economies owing mainly to its dense population and ingenious business enterprises has seen the highest growth in professional web content writing. This is in contrast with the case in many other countries where this writing is only valued as an additional source of in.e. With Indias enviable economic growth, perhaps we could borrow a leaf from them on just how significant web content writing is and how much its effective use can drive business growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: