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Studying abroad, six ways to keep you away from depression! The Sohu of education in September 16th after 10 p.m. the circle of friends is "Qiao Renliang’s death" message scraper, started by the Shanghai police official micro-blog issued a message, then know some insider users have revealed that the "Joe XX" is Qiao Renliang. > > is my character suitable for studying abroad? Qiao Renliang incident from fermentation to the present, has boarded the major media hot search list. Before the death of Qiao Renliang, has been rumored to play SM over death, after the rumor was related to long-term depression, Dutch act. The entertainment pressure is very large, many stars have left because of depression, mentioned depression, I believe many people will think of the first time Leslie Cheung, 2003 fool’s day, my brother from Hongkong Central Hotel jumped a jietan regret. Today, with the increasing pressure of work and life as well as the fast-paced city, many people are like clockwork robot, two points a day, stay up late to work overtime is often the case. Plus foreign itself can not resolve inner melancholy, in the course of time will evolve into depression. Study abroad is also the case, if not for a long time to adapt to unfamiliar overseas environment, but also may suffer from depression yo. > > study abroad the most easily overlooked matters needing attention. How far away from us? In fact, do not think that depression is rich disease, research shows that depression is a very common mental illness, known as the psychological small cold". The incidence of depression is much higher than you imagine, one in every ten people are depressed patients. Patients with mild depression, there will be negative emotions, no interest in any symptoms. The patients with severe depression will appear auditory hallucinations and other symptoms, basically not a normal life. What are the symptoms of depression? Have you ever felt this way, it’s depression. To master the six methods, self adjustment of individual state > > five character for overseas professional. Make a detailed and clear target of depressed people tend to set goals are too ambitious or fuzzy: "I want to be happy", "I want to get rid of loneliness"; but not depressed people will said: "I’m going to give my good friends every week to play two calls". The former is more terrified; the latter makes more sense of control, in fact can also change. When people are depressed, easy in myth, all bad thoughts come together. Try to give yourself a more specific goal: for example, to write an article, or buy a mop, a dinner with friends about. Let the philosophers to think the ultimate problem, we do eat and drink lazard. It’s easy to get up and do something, or meditate on a person in a state of depression. It’s easy to get stuck in a negative way. Many studies have shown that meditation can be helpful in such situations相关的主题文章: