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Taste one hundred thousand + a dish, you get 10 yuan of money, I’ll give you a table – and this is a Sohu based on fantasy dishes, to taste special praise, just out of the pot when it out rich flavor. So it is a handy Home Dishes, but because of their own taste, value of flowers here and share with you. In the winter, to more than eleven in the evening, the flowers on the sleepy, sleepy. The original time to buy ingredients leisurely, you have to squeeze out the code word. Catch the Monday night and almost run out of ammunition and food supplies. Half a red pepper in the refrigerator, a pumpkin, a wisp of soybean, and the old lady Sunday to buy shrimp, I put in the freezer. This is really a fluke, Maodou Nenxiang, collocation will be very delicious stir fried diced vegetables. But as the cucumber shrimp fried shrimp, as long as enough fresh, fast fire stir fry is sweet taste. A delicious vegetable is needed, the squash, pumpkin crisp and juicy, cut Xiaoding fast fire fry, will be forced out of soup, this soup mix Steamed Rice most fragrant. Have the idea in mind, it would have to act quickly, so a gourd shrimp fry Road, don’t hesitate, and flowers once, you know how good it is. Ingredients: need to squash: half red half: a handful of Soybean (about 70 grams): shrimp 10 seasoning: soy sauce, oyster sauce and half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of sugar amount ginger garlic: the amount of practice: 1, this season, the market still can buy soybeans, if not for you a mushroom, mushroom can. Only a handful of beans into the boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, then remove. 2, shrimp peeled shrimp to shrimp brain, wash. 3, pumpkin half red half dice, dice, prepare two cloves of garlic chopped ginger, mince two tablets. 4, take a hot pan, into the amount of oil, stir fry ginger and garlic, add shrimp and stir fry, then add in soybean. 5, pour pumpkin Ding, this time with the seasoning is half a teaspoon of soy sauce and half a teaspoon of oyster sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fresh tasty, stir evenly. 6, add red pepper Ding, then half a teaspoon of sugar and salt according to taste, as appropriate. The whole process is rapid fire stir fry, timely out of squash in the water, the fire quickly fry to short time for a variety of ingredients are quickly cooked without losing its flavor. I think, it is such a simple dish, but particularly delicious, really earned. Strongly recommended, such a connotation is bigger than the yen value, taste one hundred thousand + fast food, don’t hesitate, do a try. [flower] senior writer national delicacy original public nutritionist multi platform media columnist since the signing of global contract since the media authority media CCTV, Beijing Rui Crowe TV, Shaanxi TV and other special guests such as delicacy stalls programs need to give Sina micro-blog cooperation or manuscripts: the flowers of the delicacy kitchen oh.相关的主题文章: