Tennis legend in the Graf HZMB show perfect ball – Beijing

Tennis legend Graf in the HZMB show perfect ball – Beijing yingzi Beijing November 5 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Deng Yuanwen) 5, 2016 Zhuhai WTA super classic tennis star Graf, Ambassador on the project of the century HZMB staged a show of tennis open up a fresh outlook. Sponsored by the Zhuhai Municipal People’s government China Tennis Association, Zhuhai HUAFA group hosted the 2016 Zhuhai securities Joaquin WTA super elite tournament, is currently in full swing, as this year’s event global ambassador Graf also deliberately rushed to Zhuhai, went to the field with the fans about autumn. On the same day, Graf and Zhuhai HUAFA group deputy general manager Zhong Ming, President of WTA MickyLawler, a tennis star Garcia boarded the longest bridge in the world — Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, a tennis show then open up a fresh outlook on the bridge HZMB. The event organizers Zhuhai HUAFA group will be a high degree of simulation of Zhuhai WTA track special customized version of the tennis court "moved" to the bridge. The mighty Lingdingyang, Graf and Garcia wielded the racket swopped pointers. With the little tennis flying shuttle, Graf classic iconic backhand cutting reproduction, full of tennis, calm and elegant and the harmony of man and nature. Zhuhai HUAFA group deputy general manager Zhong Ming said, Graf hand is an important measure for Zhuhai WTA super elite competition to further enhance the level of internationalization, with its influence in the world, opening and vitality of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, Zhuhai further enhance the international visibility and reputation. (end)相关的主题文章: