The bulk of transactions in September an important hot reduction of shareholders become dominant-naughty怎么读

The bulk of transactions in September hot important shareholders holdings into leading sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls since September the market to maintain the pattern of shocks you, the volume is relatively stable. Bulk trading market has gradually warming trend, steady rise in volume, the reduction of major shareholders to become an important driving force in September to pick up the bulk of the transaction. In addition, the participation of institutions dedicated seats enthusiasm, the volume of its buying and selling are significantly improved. According to the latest data, the Exchange announced statistics since September, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city a total of 971 pen block trade transaction, the average daily turnover of 80.92 pens, increased by 29.2% compared to August, a total of nearly 3 billion 154 million shares by the resale transactions, the total turnover of 36 billion 567 million yuan, the average daily turnover of 3 billion 47 million yuan, up by nearly 45.6% compared to August. Discount premium rate, since September, the overall discount rate of block trading was 5.02%, down nearly 0.5 percentage points from the previous month, indicating that the buyer’s willingness to buy has increased. From the industry point of view, as of September 20th, the chemical industry in September turnover topped 3 billion 53 million yuan, followed by household appliances, machinery and equipment, computer and electronics sector, were traded 2 billion 924 million yuan, 2 billion 829 million yuan, 2 billion 514 million yuan and 2 billion 454 million yuan. Yongtai energy in September 7th, 14 and 19 landed on the block trading market, securities Limited by Share Ltd Shanghai Century Avenue Securities Business Department of seats, to 3.99 yuan per share price to sell more than 542 million shares, cash 2 billion 164 million yuan, the overall transaction discount rate is only 0.1%. Company announcement shows that the founder of the company is the controlling shareholder of Yongtai Holding Group Co., ltd.. In July, it has been reduced by 609 million holdings of large transactions, cash $2 billion 435 million. According to the announcement of the reduction, the controlling shareholder holdings is out of the group’s overall business development and its own financial needs to consider, in the next 12 months to continue to reduce its stake in Yongtai’s energy share plan. Huang Jiadi, the controlling shareholder of the group in September 2nd, the total holdings of 40 million shares through block trading, accounting for 4.78% of the total share capital of the company, the average transaction price of $18.27 per share, the overall transaction discount rate of 4.9%. In addition, the bulk trading Ding interconnection, public technology, Jiai technology and Wu Tong holdings, the holdings of the controlling shareholder behind each figure. The recent rise in the rate of institutional seats trading enthusiasm. Statistics show that since September, the size of the transaction to participate in the organization of special seats to reach 9 billion 397 million yuan, the average daily turnover of $783 million, an increase of 68.3%. Only as a buyer of the bulk of the transaction, the total turnover of 3 billion 198 million yuan, the average daily turnover of $267 million, an increase of more than $161 million in August. (newspaper researcher Gu Yifeng) THE_END into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: