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The car rings: highway driving skills driving school and failed to learn the car Sohu – I believe there are a lot of buddy ready to join the army of the car owners. Every year there are numerous new drivers on the road, after all the time in the school, see the lack of the cruel reality. Today, we first to talk about the high speed on the common precautions, and how to avoid. Of course, the routine is not to say, mainly said the wise remark of an experienced person. There are a lot of novice that the speed is not good to open it? Just use the brake pedal to hold the steering wheel. But this is not what you think, not so simple, missed the exit line of force and leads to high speed rear end to tell the truth, sometimes missed the exit is inevitable. But once found to be missed, basically it was too late, so don’t slow down, suddenly in the high-speed parking, do not attempt to force and line. However, we can not control others, but you can use advanced driving experience as much as possible to protect themselves. To improve early warning ability first, if the vehicle speed is not very slow as far as possible not to long time in the outside lane, especially focus on slowing down more in the entrance, the vehicle was suddenly out of the threat not to. Secondly, to improve the ability of early warning, which is actually the most important. This includes 1 aspects: attention around the vehicle conditions such as the accident started very early, the left side of the vehicle with the brakes, at this time, other vehicles should think, he is very likely to do some strange things, otherwise why in the left side of the lane suddenly moved to put his feet on the brake pedal? 2 to maintain a good vision and distance apart from the car before and after the distance, but also pay attention to the front of the ramp and slant the distance from the car, at any time to set aside their own mobile space. Another field of vision is very important, we should try to relax as far as possible, do not just stare at the front of the vehicle, otherwise it is not easy to say fatigue, it is not easy to predict the danger ahead of time. Don’t try to get out of sight, especially from a big truck. Otherwise far away, or quickly overtake, in short, you must be the default big truck is ignoring you, most of the domestic large cargo drivers, you know. There are strategies to avoid when the car in front of the car, sometimes too open, it is only in the brake at the same time to avoid. Early observation around good condition, to avoid harming innocent people, only in this way can have the confidence of the hard braking and escape. In addition, the direction of time to avoid playing too hard, it will be good enough. If the hiding does not open, the safest way is being hit (except pull cargo truck will open the roof), the vehicle collision positive is the focus of research and development of manufacturers, so more than rear end rollover safety. This then leads to a speed, make the principle does not give way, it is to deal with the force and line principle, applicable to any road. Leave a small problem if the truck cross no gap in the middle of the road on both sides by, and definitely not brake, what should you do? Overtaking must have the skills to overtake!相关的主题文章: