The contradiction between career and love-jessica rabbit

The contradiction between the cause and the love in this unprecedented competition society, many people are in the cause, for the survival and development of the struggle, the heavy burden of life so that they have no time to take into account the love. Young men and women to the big city to survive and develop, must survive hard, desperately, from dawn to night to find a job; or with relatively fixed income, one day can also have two person to be very difficult, so, hard struggle, imperceptibly to years old. Source: Oriental IC in this process, women are more difficult, successful women is even more difficult. To have a certain condition for women is perhaps the easiest way to find a rich husband, but some women aspiring to rely on their own strength to struggle, the time for their own lives, they are successful, but also to the old youth, when they want to pick up a long time to attend to. Love, a series of problem in front. Successful women always want to look for a more successful man, and successful man is always looking for a young, beautiful, from life to take care of their women as the other half, so the contradiction, in front of a successful man, career and wealth as well as young and pretty competitive in the face of mediocrity; man, career and wealth has become a successful woman psychology cannot overcome. This is the dilemma of underachievement, led to a number of successful women love who is who’s resentment. Successful men like young, beautiful women, may later feel that she is only a "vase", and like-minded far. The success of women, in order to capture the late love, willing to trade down, after they always not satisfied, so love and change. Expert: Hu Hongxia相关的主题文章: