The displacement is small, the power is not small, see SAIC blue core SGE 16t- Sohu car visualboyadvance

The displacement is small, the power is not small, see the "blue chip" SGE 16T- SAIC automotive Sohu if the engine market compared to the arena, then, 20 years ago, the world should be the master of the leading 2.0L engine, 10 years ago is the 1.6L engine now because of the need to blossom everywhere; energy saving and emission reduction, small displacement engine like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance. At present, small displacement turbocharged engine has become a global trend of power, together with the use of direct injection, advanced technology center, make the task almost impossible, not only 8 seconds Pobai, and low fuel consumption, "into reality. So, small displacement turbocharged engine, how strong? The day before, the vehicle was invited to visit the SAIC engine laboratory, see SAIC led the development of the "blue chip" SGE 16T engine. This engine is used for small displacement cylinder direct injection turbocharged center and other international most advanced technology, its displacement is only 1.0L, but the maximum power is 125Ps, the maximum torque is 170N· m, the dynamic performance is better than the mainstream 1.6L engine. And we know that in the future SAIC automotive product planning, the "blue chip" 16T engine will be equipped with the Roewe and a new car, so, what is the secret of this engine, let us look together. The strongest power, with even more than the mainstream 1.6L engine. In the SAIC powertrain technology center laboratory, we follow the SAIC powertrain "Dr. team visited the test engine in each link, and the doctor introduction, to understand the core technology of this" blue core SGE 16T ". The engine using a direct injection combustion system, integrated turbocharger system, efficient valve mechanism, water-cooled integrated exhaust manifold, intelligent management, intelligent management of oil pressure, water temperature of cylinder head body skirt rack crankshaft design, intelligent engine start stop system and a series of advanced technology, performance, efficiency, quality and reliability to achieve the world leading level. Simply put, this engine can give consumers the most intuitive feeling is that it has a good performance in power, NVH and fuel consumption. As mentioned above, the dynamic performance of SAIC blue core SGE 16T engine can be comparable to or even exceed the level of mainstream 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 125Ps and the 1.6L displacement naturally aspirated engine on the market most of the joint venture, and 170N? M of peak torque even better. Strong power output, can not be separated from the support of integrated turbocharging system. SAIC powertrain technology center experts, the system greatly improves the low-speed torque at 1600 RPM can achieve more than 90% of the maximum torque output, instant response to user manipulation; due to the adoption of the turbocharger electronic integrated exhaust manifold and cylinder head, exhaust stroke and reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the supercharger, to shorten the response time. In addition, through the efficient valve distribution mechanism, a wide range of adjustment of the intake and exhaust phase, to improve the engine torque at low speed, reduce fuel consumption!相关的主题文章: