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The drama " " tells the teacher Qi Qi Gong; life – Culture – Drama "Qi Gong" salute November 28th Beijing electrical teacher Qi Gong as teachers, behavior world fan. The teacher to pay tribute to Qi Gong, the drama "Qi Gong" on the day before. In the play, 90 minutes long concentrated Mr Qi Gong from the dedication of life, will gradually disappeared in the long history of the past, look to the art of solidification, spread, to show the model of teacher culture, teacher mr.. Mr. Qi Gong deep cultivation, poetry, calligraphy and painting famous contemporary Chinese, but most proud of his identity is — teachers. Teaching is his job. Drama "Qi Gong" around Mr. Qi Gong benefited from the division, and the division of human life, interspersed with anecdotes of MR, focuses on the performance of Mr Qi Gong on the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and make their education hard work, dedication, analysis of the internal cause and the force of his lifetime to the. As the descendants of the royal family, Mr. Qi Gong not for fame, but as a calligrapher, automorphic; Mr. Qi Gong as a calligrapher, connoisseur of painting several roles, but always only to teaching and educating for the industry; as a university professor, Mr. Qi Gong and respectful, without discrimination. The drama creative team with bamboo Yu, with " " bamboo shoots grow into "high bamboo;" Yu after the darkness and struggling to "strong", "net" automorphic character and life, refine the spirit of " " bamboo shoots; life — to summarize Mr. Qi Gong’s loneliness, withstand toss Potuerchu, willing to sacrifice. The play by Hu Wei screenwriter, director of the film, the famous performing artist, starring Ning Wentong, Tang Ye. In the arts, drama, opera "Qi Gong" fusion of Guqin ethnic elements, to create a solemn sense of history, adding "chorus" the performance form enhances the sense of ritual, and strive to create a serious atmosphere of artistic atmosphere. Tang Ye said that the drama the pursuit of poetic realism, and strive to form the side light, light weight, his inherent seriousness and without losing the poetic atmosphere. (Jia Min) (commissioning editor Chen Yuan and Huang Wei)相关的主题文章: