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The establishment of commercial films and then explore the bean – Sohu technology media training camp August 25th reported Wen Gao Liang Chun recently, watercress network founder and CEO Alvaro (Yang Bo) issued an internal letter said, after more than half a year to test the water, watercress reading will set up a film company, formally enter the field of film. The establishment of the company by the general manager Dai Qin watercress reading promotion and responsible, from watercress reading extends a new team and organization. The new company will choose good watercress reading novels, screenwriter, director and creative organization, investment and development and to participate in the follow-up film. Watercress was pictures, can be regarded as again exploration on the business model. In 2005, watercress rely on music community started. Although, gathered a large number of young artists, but there is no suitable profit model has become the greatest distress. September 2013, watercress on-line. "Let watercress commercial scale into billions of books from film music market to trillion e-commerce market, the reality is cruel, will not end douban. June 2015, announced the establishment of a record company watercress. The ideas and pictures like watercress, watercress help on the platform independent music production and distribution entities and digital records, and the organization of the concert, but bland. Netizens commented: watercress is always getting closer and closer to the money, but always can not reach." Today, the establishment of watercress pictures, away from the money is a step closer, but fate? IP, a North richly endowed by nature in the letter said, in the past one or two years, film companies and producers continue to buy watercress reading novels, by the end of July, there have been 10 novels sold film rights. At the same time, read from the watercress adaptation of the film on the line after the project, only watercress reading on the original works can be adapted 8000. Many works, but can be made into a movie? In the view of Dai Qin, compared with other network literature, watercress story is more realistic and contemporary, therefore more prominent film value, "2015 billions of dollars at the box office of about 46 domestic movie, you can go and see what is the theme and content. The vast majority of the real world background, can cause a huge crowd reaction is a meaningful response to the reality of the good-looking film." The movie said Analysys think tank analyst Huang Guofeng accept media training camp in an interview with reporters, compared with the starting point Chinese network, Hongxiutianxiang, clouds college platform, watercress content closer to young, youth, the label group, this may be the future of a vertical field of new opportunities. It is worth mentioning that watercress has been the content of the film and television experience. "33 days" is the earliest born abalone whales on the watercress "series of novels, or guide"; Iqiyi network drama "my friend Miss Chen Bailu" hatched a log in the early years of watercress Begonia author published. Watercress score, where to go because of the accumulation of high quality fans fans group, watercress score has become a fan of the movie viewing vane. So the watercress movie become a movie, fans and passers-by party party Navy and other troops of a hotly contested spot, whenever there is hot"相关的主题文章: