The finals – Murray two straight sets wins Djokovic won the first annual 1- sports Sohu lock-brock lesnar

The finals – Murray two straight sets wins Djokovic won the first annual 1- Sohu lock sports in Beijing on November 21st morning, the 2016 men’s tennis season ATP finals ended, in the final, the world’s first Murray two sets, 6-3 6-4 score 2-0 beat defending champion Novak, won the first ATP total occupation career the final champion, also locked first at the end of the throne. The first half of the 2016 season belongs to a small German, even the Australian Open and French Open champion, to achieve a career Grand Slam feat, but at Wimbledon after the state began to decline, and in the second half but Murray dominated the men’s tennis, won the Wimbledon Championships and Olympic champion. Since then, Shanghai won the match in the masters and Paris masters, will occupy the world first throne 122 weeks of small La dismount, first ascent of the world’s first career. The final two group phase are three points wins for the promotion semi-final, Murray battled for 3 hours and 48 minutes of tough to beat Rao Niki, Djokovic is 2-0 easily beat nishikori, because two people not only between the gap to 200 points, the final winner will be crowned the first end of the year. The two previously record, Djokovic 24 wins and 10 defeats occupy a larger advantage, played four times this season, all appear in the final, Murray won the Rome masters victory, Djokovic win at the Australian Open, the French Open and Madrid masters. The field in addition to the decision to the first end of the year, Murray will hit his first championship finals, and Djokovic wins will make There was no parallel in history. win. The first game, first serve Murray first appeared in two double faults, 30-30 flat after scoring completed Baofa, Djokovic and lovegame Paul made second 1-1 flat. Murray made third rounds, the fourth board is a small German lovegame security 2-2 flat. Murray then increased obviously, Paul made the fifth after the sixth game 30-30, a small German under the pressure of being shot into the net from the break point, Djokovic even then save two break point Paul made difficult 3-3. Murray Paul made after the eighth Bureau once again launched a cluster, 40-40 flat Djokovic backhand net from the break point, then Murray sideways forehand slash break 5-3 lead. Murray then Paul made a successful serving dish Bureau, 6-3 won the first set 1-0 lead. The second game in the first inning, Djokovic once again encounter challenges, volley error after 15-40 suffered a break point, Djokovic serve with continuous resolve break points, Murray in the continuous waste break points, finally caught a small German forehand sideways out of bounds to break him, Murray then Paul made second 2-0 lead. After their own security bureau came to 3-1, Murray in the fifth inning to force again 40-0 forced out of three consecutive break points, Djokovic saved a break point after the backhand out from the break, Murray 4-1 to expand. Sixth small de finally usher in a state of recovery, 30-30 flat grab two hair to win the first break point, then Murray is taken out to complete the break, Djokovic then lovegame 3-4 Paul made a backward bureau. Key of the eighth inning, Djokovic to win a 33 shot stalemate, but then Murray Paul made the success with 5-3, small technician)相关的主题文章: