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Second ARJ21 aircraft maiden flight – Shanghai Channel – People’s original title: second ARJ21 aircraft maiden flight, second ARJ21 aircraft delivered to Chengdu airlines. The reporter Intern Zhang Haifeng Sun Qijun taken at 9:45 yesterday, Chengdu Airlines received second ARJ21 aircraft equipped with 63 passengers chongshangyunxiao, took off from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, the implementation of the first commercial flight mission. The flight arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport at 11:59. Chengdu second aircraft and received the first full economy class layout compared to make some changes, the 78 hybrid layout set up first-class cabin, business class and economy class. According to Chengdu airlines operating plans, second ARJ21 aircraft will be the first and the first aircraft to perform the same flight route, then according to the allocation of resources and development strategy to open up new routes. Chinese COMAC said that in the early stage of ARJ21 project operation will be steadily development principle, timely listen to customer feedback and market feedback, strictly comply with the airworthiness requirements, constantly optimize the airplane cockpit and other local details, efforts to improve the passenger experience, to provide support for airline operations. It is reported that second aircraft will fly to Zhuhai at the end of the month, the opening ceremony of the exhibition and professional flight performance and ground static display date at the Zhuhai air show, close contact with the professional audience. (reporter Xu Meng) (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong)

第二架ARJ21飞机首航–上海频道–人民网 原标题:第二架ARJ21飞机首航 第二架ARJ21飞机交付成都航空公司。 本报记者 张海峰 实习生 孙启珺 摄 昨天9时45分,成都航空接收的第二架ARJ21飞机搭载着63名旅客冲上云霄,从成都双流机场起飞,执行首个商业航班任务。航班于11时59分顺利抵达上海虹桥机场。 成都航空接收的第二架飞机与首架全经济舱布局相比做出了一些变化,采用了78座混合布局,设置了头等舱 商务舱和经济舱。根据成都航空公司运营计划,第二架ARJ21飞机将首先与首架机执行同一航班航线,之后再根据资源配置及发展战略开辟新航线。 中国商飞方面表示,在ARJ21项目运营初期将以稳步发展为原则,及时听取客户意见和市场反馈,严格遵照持续适航要求,对飞机驾驶舱等局部细节不断优化提升,努力提升乘客乘坐体验,为航线运营提供支撑。 据悉,第二架飞机将于本月底飞赴珠海,在珠海航展开幕式及专业观展日期间进行飞行表演和地面静态展示,与专业观众近距离接触。(记者 徐蒙) (责编:严远、轩召强)相关的主题文章: