The first Shaoguan HD animation exhibition will be held in October 5, 2016 ~!-jiqingwuyuetian

The first Shaoguan HD animation exhibition will be held in October 5, 2016 ~! Location: Phoenix Hotel, international exhibition hall of the Phoenix Name: Shaoguan HD exhibition 01 time: October 5, 2016 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) Hall: Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel Address: Shiliting Shaoguan Zhenjiang five Ting Liang Cun Highway No. 2 regions: the surrounding areas, the stage area one, area, area, region, photography makeup Rest Area type: cartoon exhibition, seminars, Carnival music equipment: projectors, stage races: Cosplay matches (burning house dance, song, drama), electronic game and other official customer service enterprises: 1185915511 WeChat official goose subscription number: HD anime game show official micro-blog: gift: a welfare, the top 10 entry will receive a set of audience!!! Two, the former 11-20 approach audience can receive a cartoon t-shirt!!! Three, the former 21-50 approach audience can be given a copy of the animation!!! Four, a variety of small game winners can receive a beautiful gift!!! Five, draw a lot of gifts are hand done, so square pillow, pillow, cartoon dolls, various types of animation!!! Six, at the guests arrived at the scene to interact with you!!! Seven, the local animation community can apply for free booth!!! Eight, field trips Coser exclusive gift Cosplay talent contest (house dance, song and dance troupe, burning stage, independent original registration, ~) Awards: first prize: two prize certificate award bonus 800 yuan + winning a third-prize certificate award bonus 500 yuan + winning a: the certificate of award winning popularity award bonus 300 yuan + bonus 100 yuan reward: a princess hold contest registration: a group of two people on-site registration game: a group of two people, one of whom is a "Prince" of another man "Princess" "Prince" "Princess" to hold the princess way up, which a group of persist a long time for the winner. (the posture of the princess everyone should know it) competition requirements: for the prince does not require, even if it is a sister paper or a child can be. "Princess" has the following requirements: 1: must be Coser (simply not to be on the line, the maid, JK, lo and so on can be): 2: age is not limited, but the height must not be less than 145. Because the site can not come up with the exact amount of tools, so the site by the moderator as standard. According to the on-site enrollment will be organized to hold two Princess contest, each 6-10 group if compared to the diffuse feeling inextricably involved, the end of the show is not enough, we will be appropriate to increase the difficulty depending on the situation. Awards: first place: 100 yuan in cash volume of $second: cash volume of $50 all games are on-site registration ~相关的主题文章: