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Arts-and-Entertainment Spring In Bhutan Bhutan tours are certainly popular from March to May as although it doesnt quite rival the autumn in terms of weather, it is arguably the best time of year to enjoy the exotic flora and fauna on offer. While the high peaks of Bhutan are not all that visible, you can still view their magnificence on certain clear days. The Paro tsechu is a wonderful festival and is the main spring attraction. Summer In Bhutan Like most locations that have a tropical climate, Bhutan endures a monsoon season which happens to take place from June to August. You can avail of cheap Bhutan tours during this time but you need to be aware that high winds and heavy rain could hamper your enjoyment. During a 3 month period, more than 50cm of rain falls in the nations capital Thimphu while the mountainous regions sees almost 1 metre of rainfall in this timeframe! If you dont mind the rain, the awesome views of green rice paddies under the strange monsoon light are a unique form of beauty. You also get to sample the most delicious and delectable fruits and vegetables from the local markets. Autumn In Bhutan This is the most popular and expensive time of year to engage in Bhutan tours as an incredible number of international visitors arrive to take advantage of the mild climate and amazing festivals. From September to November, the skies of Bhutan are generally clear which gives you spectacular views of the giant mountains that surround the nation. The years most popular dance festival takes place at this time. The only downsides are that you will be .peting for tour guides and ac.modation and it is more expensive than at other times of the year. Winter In Bhutan Although it is often not featured in the advertising of many Bhutan tours, winter is actually a brilliant time to visit. If you go to the south of the country, you will be greeted with a warm tropical climate, white-water rafting and even some jungles. From December to February, you are advised to get indoors as the night .es because the temperatures can drop very quickly. In the north of the country, the roads are often blocked at this time because of heavy snow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: