The general aviation industry to accelerate the encirclement local airport planning years of Qi pullip

The general aviation industry to accelerate the encirclement local airport planning years of Qi general aviation industry to accelerate the encirclement local airport planning during the development of Qi / reporter Yu Xiangming, editor of millet in the general aviation industry is in the form of encirclement. Currently, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Chongqing, Tibet, Ningxia and other 5 provinces introduced a general airport layout planning, the remaining 26 provinces are planning to prepare, plans to launch before the end of this year. The news is the NDRC recently issued the recent focus on promoting the development of the general aviation industry, the notice listed in the. This task list, a clear focus on the development of general aviation market, accelerate the construction of universal airport, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, expanding low altitude airspace, strengthen the whole process of safety supervision and other five areas. In the development of general aviation market, the notice proposed that the choice of a certain general aviation industry based on the development of provinces and cities, to carry out cooperation with the central and local governments to promote the development of general aviation industry demonstration province. The first choice of Chongqing, Inner Mongolia. Among them, Chongqing to speed up the development of the whole industry chain of general aviation, deepen reform of low altitude airspace management and cultivating the market demand as the focus, summed up the promotion of general aviation in Inner Mongolia to focus on short distance transport, accelerate pilot demonstration. To carry out pilot general aviation tourism, aviation sports pilot, pilot pilot towns. Speeding up the construction of general airport is an important policy to support general aviation policy. Notification requirements, the planning has been released in the province to establish a general airport construction project reserve library, a clear focus on the 2017-2018 Airport project. Development and Reform Commission official said, all localities should be under the guidance of the general layout of the airport layout, the preparation of 3 years of rolling investment plan, do a good job in the construction of major projects. "To see more accurate and obvious benefit to accelerate the project; to temporarily not allowed to see, is not optimistic about the future expectations of the project, to be handled carefully, not YiHongErShang, blind development, avoid the waste of resources." The person said. Song Qingguo, general manager of China aviation industry through the Zhengbao reporter said: general aviation has great potential, infrastructure ahead in anticipation. But from the planning to the floor, the middle there is a long way, involving the examination and approval links, investment subject, leading industry choice direction, land index adjustment and many other matters, it should also work hard landing, and vigorously promote the party." Reporters learned that, whether it is the development and Reform Commission and other departments, or local government is very supportive of the development of general aviation. It is reported that, in order to play the guiding role of government funds, the national development and Reform Commission has been included in the scope of the special fund to support the construction of the airport. This means that the construction of general airport and a layer of financial support. Infrastructure is not only the force, the supply side of the general aviation industry in the field of reform, but also to accelerate the pace. Notice proposed to expand the opening of low altitude airspace. That is to improve the management of low altitude flight regulations, the low altitude airspace 1000 meters high to the true range of up to 3000 meters, and according to the procedures for approval. An industry insiders told reporters that at present, the full liberalization of 3000 meters of low altitude airspace is still difficult, this requires the ATC hardware facilities, also need to reform air traffic control system, air traffic control need more guiding ideology of liberation, but the reform is imperative. theory相关的主题文章: