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The ice cream and frozen toxic? No scientific basis — food channel — original title: poisonous ice cream and frozen? No scientific basis recently, "99% of the people do not know, after the freeze melt deformation of ice cream or soluble protein" message in the online heat transfer. To this end, the Beijing Friendship Hospital nutrition nutritionist said rumor, never heard of the soluble toxic protein that. Based on current scientific evidence, consumers do not need to worry about only slight deformation, after two times of frozen ice cream will produce toxic protein called. Recently, thawing and freezing ice cream may be toxic in the network is quickly forwarded and concerns. The report pointed out that if the ice cream or ice cream storage is not up to the set temperature, it will cause structural changes, and even produce some harmful substances, such as soluble protein, amine etc.. Beijing Friendship Hospital nutritionist, a special Gu Gu said in a document database did not find the soluble toxin protein. He pointed out that the occurrence of improper preservation of fish and seafood is rancid taste amine amines, toxic protein is produced in the process of corruption, that will not eat ice cream. Moreover, the normal human digestive system is very powerful, the vast majority of proteins will be broken down into amino acids, it is difficult to produce specific physiological significance by oral. Freezing is a means to maintain the structure of the protein, but will not turn toxic protein into toxic. Other ingredients in ice cream are common and safe ingredients and food additives, only by temperature change produces toxic protein is unfounded. In addition, the ice cream is frozen to Fu type, but freezing itself is an important guarantee of food spoilage method, its main principle is to inhibit microbial metabolism and reproduction. Gu said, he referred to the pathogenic bacteria detection results of dozens of major city of ice cream, the detection rate is almost zero, which may be related to ice cream in the process already after sterilization special link, microbial content in the product is very low about. At the same time warned that the sales staff should pay attention to ensure that the ice cream freezer temperature at -15 Deg. C, it is best not to mix with other food intensive stacking. (reporter Fan Yijing) (commissioning editor Xu Xinyi and Nie Congxiao)相关的主题文章: