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The industry transfer strategy: data interpretation of gunman Wenger dictatorship in power – Sohu sports Arsenal ‘s strategy has been criticized   Arsenal’ s strategy for the last two seasons have been criticized, the summer transfer period, to the arsenal a day before the transfer window closes announced that Lucas – Peres, Mustafi two players to join. At the beginning of the season, Arsenal have spent $90 million into the market, the famous British sports broker Jon Smith recently predators through his book, secret Arsenal in recent years in the market unique recruitment strategy. Jon Smith is the partner of one of Britain’s largest sports broker company, in his recently published book, Smith according to his many years in British football transfer market operation experience, a detailed description of the Arsenal in recent years in the market operation strategy, he first mentioned Arsenal in the transfer market transfer standard, "since the Kroenke became the largest shareholder of Arsenal, they set up a statistical model of a very large player data to find the transfer target, this is a bit like moneyball type business philosophy, attempting to use specific system to analyze the statistical data, to find the value of more than the price of the players. If a player does not match their statistical model, the system will tell them not to give the player a higher price, which is one of the players that Wenger is talking about." "About four years ago, Arsenal bought a company called" DNA "company in Chicago, the company operating in Kampuchea a player covers almost all statistical data system, the system can sort out a player passing, shooting and assists, etc. all these numerical goals, numerical input to the computer after a player will automatically recognize the weaknesses and strengths are where this is the main criterion of Arsenal players in the transfer market value." Although the data do support, Jon Smith has revealed that Arsenal signing all final decisions to Wenger to make, "arsenal insist that they are all decided first through the investigation, and then to make a judgment artificially, and not just rely on the numerical characteristics of the potential transfer targets, all these decisions are ultimately be finalized by Wen Gelai." Jon Smith also believes Arsenal reflected in the transfer market attitude was very high and cold, "if I criticize them, I think Arsenal in the transfer market is too high and cold, they always can’t grab the other team before chasing their prey, because they think we are Arsenal, this enough. In today’s market, people don’t care who you are, you only need to show your money." At the beginning of the season, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and other competitors in the market have been heavily cited Jon – Smith said the reinforcements, once Wenger left the team, Arsenal also needs a powerful broker to help them find the right players in the market, rather than continue with current recruitment strategy ". Now the Arsenal ‘s strategy is at the core of Wenger)相关的主题文章: