The key retail and catering enterprises in Henan province sold 2 billion 660 million yuan during

Henan provincial key retail and catering enterprises during the Spring Festival, sales of 2 billion 660 million yuan financial Sohu –     February 13th, reporters from the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce was informed that during the Spring Festival holiday, Henan Province trade sales steady growth, catering, leisure consumption is booming. According to the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce monitoring, new year’s Eve positive at the beginning of the month six, the province’s 695 key retail sales of catering enterprises 2 billion 660 million yuan, an increase of 9.5%. Although the market of vegetables and fruits during the Spring Festival with commodity prices rose significantly related stock movements, but the monitoring data from the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, the price of daily necessities market fell by more than half of the goods, 60 kinds of commodities focus on monitoring, at the same price and falling 32, rising 28. On the weekday, shopping malls which have been squeezed by online shopping have played a "turn over battle" during the spring festival". During the Spring Festival, the volume of shopping malls and supermarkets was 2~3 times of normal, and the sales increased steadily. Zhengzhou department store sales revenue grew 21.3%, an increase of 12%, artsound Wangfujing Denis grew 10.8%. From the type of merchandise, food sales grew 35.6%; apparel goods favored large New Mart Zhumadian clothing store sales rose 71.4%, an increase of 60.8% large Henan, Xinxiang Baolong year-on-year growth of 47.5%; in addition, electronic and digital products become the new darling, Xinxiang department store, Henan Zhang, Zhengzhou Dixon communications commodities sales rose 95.4%, 66.7% and 10.2% respectively. In the food and beverage market, mass consumption once again plays a leading role. During the holiday, major hotels, restaurants, specialty food stores to the table, and the dinner on New Year’s Eve friends gathering and feast as the spring festival food consumption character. Opened the first floor, Huang dumplings and other hotel full, reception capacity is saturated, the small Songcheng one-day reception customers reached more than 70 thousand passengers, turnover growth of more than 40% higher than usual. Luoyang water mat garden, Jiaozuo city Changyuan Hotel, Zhengzhou a five food turnover increased by 77.6%, 29.7% and 22.7%, respectively. During the Spring Festival, enjoying folk customs, visiting temple fairs, traveling, reading and watching become the fashionable choice for citizens to enjoy their holidays. Zhengzhou, Town God’s Temple, Hebi, Zhoukou mountain? Taihao hills, Luoyang temple, Shangqiu Heluo culture Vulcan Taiwan temple activities colorful, lively and extraordinary. Shaolin Temple, Yuntai Mountain, Longmen Grottoes, the Qingming River Park, canal and other famous tourist attractions to tourists, Zhengzhou green garden, Xingyang botanical garden, Yanling garden city near the picnic, farmhouse rising. During the holidays, "Mermaid" "Macao Fengyun 3" and "three" and other large boned hot release, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, the city of David, Wanda Plaza, Luoyang Jackie Chan theater full box office revenue grew more than 30%. 河南省重点零售和餐饮企业春节期间销售26.6亿元-搜狐财经    2月13日,记者从河南省商务厅获悉,春节长假期间,河南省商贸销售稳定增长,餐饮、休闲消费红红火火。据河南省商务厅监测,除夕至正月初六,全省695家重点零售和餐饮企业销售额26.6亿元,同比增长9.5%。   尽管市场上蔬菜和水果等商品价格春节期间有明显 相关公司股票走势 上涨,但从河南省商务厅的监测数据来看,市场上生活必需品价格下降商品超过半数,重点监测的60种商品中,价格持平和下跌的32种,上涨的28种。  平日里处处显得被网购“挤压”的商场超市春节期间打了一个“翻身仗”。春节期间,商场、超市客流量是平日的2~3倍,销售稳定增长。郑州百货大楼销售收入同比增长21.3%、锦艺王府井同比增长12%、丹尼斯同比增长10.8%。从商品种类看,食品类销售额同比增长35.6%;服饰类商品备受青睐,大商新玛特驻马店总店服装销售额同比增长71.4%,河南大张同比增长60.8%,新乡市宝龙同比增长47.5%;另外,电子、数码产品成新宠,新乡市百货大楼、河南大张、郑州迪信通通讯类商品销售额同比分别增长95.4%、66.7%和10.2%。  餐饮市场上,大众消费再次唱主角。长假期间,各大宾馆、酒楼、特色餐饮店以包桌为主,年夜饭、亲朋聚会和家宴成为春节餐饮消费的主角。开封第一楼、黄家包子等饭店爆满,接待能力达到饱和,小宋城单日接待顾客最高达到7万多人次,营业额较平日增长40%以上。洛阳水席园、焦作市大长垣酒店、郑州阿五美食营业额同比分别增长77.6%、29.7%和22.7%。  春节期间,赏民俗、逛庙会、旅游、读书、观影成为市民享受假期的时尚选择。郑州城隍庙、鹤壁大?山、周口太昊陵、洛阳河洛文化庙会、商丘火神台等庙会活动精彩纷呈,热闹非凡。少林寺、云台山、龙门石窟、清明上河园、红旗渠等著名旅游景点游人如织,郑州绿博园、荥阳植物园、鄢陵花木城等近郊游、农家乐持续升温。假日期间,《美人鱼》《澳门风云3》和《三打白骨精》等大片火爆上映,郑州大上海、大卫城、万达广场、洛阳成龙影院等场场爆满,票房收入同比增长三成以上。相关的主题文章: