The Magnificent Opal Are Opals Bad

Jewelry-Diamonds For long, opals have been believed to be bad luck stones. They have been associated with bad omens, bad luck, misfortune and ill health. Different countries and societies of the world are split over the tendencies of opal. While some believe that opals are good luck stones that have healing properties and mystical powers to them that are benefactor in nature. However there exists another set of people who believe that opals are bad luck stones. The two views have their own history and have existed for a long time. Good Luck Opals Roman civilizations were of the belief that opal is a precious gemstone and used it for making jewelry. They used opals as studs in the emperor’s crowns. It was considered a good luck stone with a number of healing properties attached to it. Good lucks opals are known to bestow the mystical powers of foresightedness, balance and wisdom. They stimulative creative and intellectual thinking. Good luck opals act as mirrors to the heart and the soul and protects from ill intentions. Aid in curing eye problems, strengthening of liver and respite from nightmares are some of the other properties of the good luck opals. Bad Luck Opals While all of the above happens to be one side of the picture, the other aspect of the opals is that of bad luck opals. Bad luck opals refer to all the ill impacts associated with the opals. Some .munities believe that the bad luck opals bring ill health and at times even death, along with disaster, malicious intentions, destruction and foolishness in daily life. Such thoughts and notions are more prevalent in the European states, where people associate bad luck opals with downfall of great empires, death of great dictators, famines, droughts, floods, epidemics and deaths. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: