The national youth in general Lippi’s 3 return tube unified militarism name (video)-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

The national youth in general Lippi’s 3 return tube unified Name: Lippi China militarism? It is not clear why the Asian first-class players lack of confidence Lippi will dominate the military? Reporter Xiao Liangzhi Beijing reported Chinese FA brewing will belong to the Ministry of youth of the national youth team, Guoshaodui was placed under the unified administration of the Ministry of state, at the same time, Lippi became the head coach at all levels Guozihao more frequently. Once become a reality, Lippi is worthy of the name "services manager". Over the past decade, the Chinese Football Association in the management of the national team split split, never a fixed management system. In all men’s football Guozihao governance department, then the national youth team and country team under the Ministry of youth, in the tube department just Orangemen, the Olympic team and women’s national team. During the period, the Ministry of youth is revoked, the national youth and country team again transferred to the Chinese department. In 2014, the re establishment of the Ministry of youth, national youth team and the national youth team once again returned to the Ministry of youth. According to the Chinese Football Association first thought, in under the Ministry of national football, as well as the Olympic women’s national team. In the time division announced that, after the game between the Chinese football association leadership, women’s national team was suddenly transferred to the women’s Department, China Department jurisdiction only national football and Olympic team, when the need for U22, in the formation of the Ministry of national team U22. Today, the Chinese Football Association and brewing at all levels of the jurisdiction of the national team. At present, more reliable information is the national youth team and the national youth team from the youth department transferred to the country by the State Department, management department under the Orangemen, U22 national team, Olympic team, national youth team and the national youth team at all levels of staff. At the same time, China football is still brewing by Lippi commander in question. Earlier, outside sources said Lippi will join the U22 national team to become the national team and the U22 national team explorer. Now, as long as the national youth team and the national youth team under the State Department, Lippi is likely to become the real "commander in chief", a unified national team football at all levels of tactics and style. 2002 September Xuanshuai, led the team in France Xuanshuai Nan Yong and Troussier. At that time, Troussier is the hottest figures in world football, he put forward the condition is: the team $1 million 500 thousand a year; only responsible for China Football Association Leaders; the commander’s levels guozihao. Nan Yong led team that Xuanshuai Troussier’s asking price is too high, but also he is only responsible for the football association leaders, nor the commander of the armed forces for. Finally, Troussier and China coach missed. Before and after 2006 Doyle and folado foot office Olympic team coach, head coach of the national team, Xie Yalong let Du Yi served as general manager, a monthly increase of 15 thousand dollars. However, Dui did not play much role. In 2011 August, Camacho took the national football coach, after the World Cup group phase out, Camacho served as head coach. As Camacho and Du Yi nominal, and did not contribute much to the national youth team and the National Youth team. Today, Lippi may play the same role, the outside world on the old man placed high hopes. In the end how to go, we wait and see.相关的主题文章: