The Novelty Of Novelty

UnCategorized Decorating a cake requires patience which may discourage people who are setting forth in the confectionary industry. However, as is the case of every good thing, novelty cakes may look complicated to make, but in fact are very easy to make. One can make this process a lot easier with store bought frosting and boxed cake mixes. Some cakes which are a lot in demand are listed as below: Sports Ball Cake Sports cakes can be made of any ball game as usually all of them are round. The batter can be baked in a metal mixing bowl which is sprayed with a nonstick cooking spray. This works better than using a cake pan. One requires a 2 qt mixing bowl for each box of cake mix. One can test the cake after 40 minutes by inserting a wooden skewer into the center. One needs to allow the cake to cool in the bowl for about 20 minutes. One can run a knife between the edge of the cake and the bowl to loosen the cake. Before inverting the bowl, one needs to place a serving platter or a cake plate. To make the sports cake more realistic, one can decorate it with tinted icing to represent the correct sports ball. For instance black shoestring liquorice and orange frosting will make a basketball cake and alternate white and black frosting is football cake. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake One can bake a strawberry cake in a heart shaped pan. One can tint the frosting with red paste food coloring and frost the whole cake. The liquid food coloring is no match for the paste food coloring as it gives a richer red color. One can add the leaves on top of the "strawberry" by cutting green taffy into the shape of leaves and pasting them on top of the strawberry. One can apply sliced almonds to give the appearance of seeds. To add a special touch, one can place chocolate candy melts to the icing. One can place wax paper strips under the cake to cover the serving platter. This helps make minimal mess. The melted candy melts can be poured over the bottom to give an appearance of a strawberry dipped in chocolate. Beach Cakes These novelty cakes can be created in shape of any cake. To depict sea side one can use food coloring to represent water and then the entire cake can be frosted. One can crush wafers of vanilla or graham crackers to depict sand. Fruit roll ups in colors of green can represent weed. These are some of the cakes that can be made by people who have time on their hands and want to create a truly memorable cakes. Novelty cakes are usually baked to either commemorate a special event or to turn an ordinary event into a special events. So, to make your event special, go ahead and make a novelty cake for yourself! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: