The only remaining eight thousand yuan money of the insured was cheated, trembling with anxiety and -木村kaela

Low income households only eight thousand yuan of money cheated anxious trembling to Dutch act October 14th at 10 in the morning, who lives in Lake Village in Dongshan County Zhang Tang Zhen under low Lin Mingbo received a 171 at the beginning of the phone, the other told him, Zhangzhou Finance Bureau to be issued 3680 yuan of assistance to disabled people, through bank account transfer to he. Lin Mingbo is 66 years old, his wife suffering from mental illness for more than 20 years, two sons have suffered from mental illness for more than 10 years, the village can know Lin Mingbo’s wife’s name is not a few. The person who telephoned could accurately tell his wife’s name, and during that period, Lin Mingbo heard that he had the money for home care, and mistakenly thought that the old age pension should give money to them. Lin Mingbo said, the other party asked him to the bank to call him again, the other party to Lin Mingbo wait until the bank nobody to go in, to prevent the password is known to others. So Lin Mingbo waited in front of the bank and waited until the ATM came in. Go in and call the other party, according to the requirements of the operation. "He said that by now I was in a daze, transfer, how to transfer? He said, "hurry up, there are still a few people who haven’t done it yet. Today is the last day. Hurry up, and then I’ll press my finger and the money will go away."." Lin Mingbo said. After returning home, Lin Mingbo more think more wrong, he hastened back to the teller machine inquires the balance of the card, didn’t think of 8650 yuan no, leaving only 600 yuan money. He called the other side quickly, but the phone was off. "At that time, the whole people were trembling, my family a month guaranteed that hundreds of pieces of life, family income, I expect this old man, but also to take care of the three disabled people. If I want to die, I’ll die for nothing. What should I do with three people?" Lin Mingbo’s Day collapsed, and that was the only four living expenses of their family. Lin Mingbo immediately called the police, the case is under further investigation. Police remind the police to remind the masses, who require transfer remittance, or provide bank card verification code and personal information, is likely to be fraud, the masses should improve awareness of prevention. After encountering Telecom and network fraud, it is necessary to record the account number and account name of the cheater accurately, and call the 110 alarm phone or report to the nearest public security organ as soon as possible. Furthermore, timely and accurately and provide the liar account account name to the police, the public security organs to do an emergency stop. >

低保户仅存的八千多元钱被骗走 急得发抖想自杀 10月14日上午10点多,家住东山县樟塘镇下湖村的低保户林明波接到一个171 开头的电话,对方告诉他,漳州财政局要发放3680元的残疾人救助金,要通过银行账户转账给他。林明波今年66岁,老伴患有精神疾病20多年,两个儿子也患有精神疾病10多年,村里能知道林明波老伴名字的没有几个。打电话的人居然能准确地说出老伴的名字,加上那段时间,林明波有听说办理居家养老有钱领,便误以为居家养老要发钱给他们。林明波说,对方要他到了银行再给他打电话,对方要林明波等到银行没人再进去,防止密码被别人知道。于是,林明波在银行门口等,等到自动取款机那没人才进去。进去之后又拨通对方电话,按照对方要求进行操作。“他说现在按那个转账,我还在发愣,怎么要按转账?他说赶快,这边还有几个人还没办呢,今天办最后一天了,赶紧按下去,然后我手指按了一下,钱就转走了。”林明波说。回家后,林明波越想越不对劲,他赶紧又赶回取款机查询一下卡里余额,没想到卡里8650元没有了,只剩下600元钱。他赶紧给对方打电话,可是电话已经关机了。“我那时候整个人在发抖,我家庭一个月低保那几百块不够生活,家庭没有收入,就指望我这个老人,还要照顾这三个残疾人。我想要去死的话就白白死了,放着一大家子三个人该怎么办?”林明波的天一下子塌了下来,那可是他们一家四口仅存的生活费呀。林明波随即报警,目前案件正在进一步侦查中。民警提醒民警提醒广大群众,凡是要求转账汇款,或是提供银行卡验证码以及个人信息的,极有可能是诈骗,群众要提高防范意识。遭遇电信、网络诈骗后,要准确记录骗子账号、账户名,此外,尽快拨打110报警电话或到最近的公安机关来报案。再者,及时、准确地将骗子账号还有账户姓名提供给民警,由公安机关做紧急止付。>相关的主题文章: