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Games If you’re a racing fan, a racing holiday might be in your best interest . The speed, the exhilaration, the overwhelming desire to watch those famous races you’ve only heard broadcast on the television are all great reasons to make your next vacation one that deals solely with racing. There are a number of ways to ac.plish this. The Junior Racing School at Grand Prix New York is open to juniors 7 to 16 years of age and is a perfect way to jumpstart a racing career. It is also an excellent opportunity to introduce future drivers to the basic dynamics of a kart, which will undoubtedly improve their awareness and ability to safely drive a street car in todays demanding .muting environment. Karting is the most affordable and easily accessible form of motor sports especially when the kart is being rented out. There are no start-up costs, no short race days due to mechanical failures, no dirty hands and no .mitments. Programs are offered on a pre-scheduled per-event basis. Show up, suit up and go. Our classes are led by our professional driver and instructor Stevan McAleer from Scotland. With over 12 years experience in Karting , Formula cars and Sedans and with multiple championship wins under his belt he provides the expertise and .mitment to help the progression of all our junior drivers throughout our schools. Enrollment is held to no more than 25 students in our novice courses and no more than 15 students for our advanced courses. This makes a huge difference in the amount of personal attention and track time each student receives. Upon .pletion, students receive a Racing License and a .plimentary GPNY Annual Membership which does not expire until they are 18! Grand Prix New York offers the most .plete and exciting junior kart racing program , starting with the Novice 2-day racing schools, progressing to the Advanced 5-day racing camps. For students that graduate from the schools, weekend championships are the next thing in line. Practice times and week-day racing are also available for those not interested in running in more .petitive championships. Dont that all of the equipment and karts are provided. Let your son or daughter experience the thrill of wheel to wheel racing and see where it takes them! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: