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The Premier League squad A Senna remind: keep the prediction and analysis of 18 games unbeaten football: A Senna vs [premier] Bournemouth start time: 2016-11-27 analysis: FUN88 22:15 hunting ball: 1.34 4.60 7.40 FUN88 for initial instant: 1.42 8.25 A Senna 4.30? 201617 Premier League season, the thirteenth round will be staged this weekend, the A Senna home court against Bournemouth. Arsenal before the 12 round of the season recorded a record of 7 wins, 4 draws and 1 losses, once again came to the familiar position of the fourth. This week at Arsenal? Home court to draw 2-2 with Paris Saint Germain, the two teams with 10 points, both ahead of qualifying, but the Gunners need in the final round of group phase with rivals for the top spot in group. ? the league, Arsenal round away 1-1 draw with Manchester United, suffered 2 consecutive rounds of league tournament, had experienced 3 wins in all competitions after the Gunners, the recent trend has slowed, the touch on the general strength of Bournemouth is expected to reverse the recent row over the situation. ? from previous confrontation, Arsenal in recent 2 times in the Premier League against Bournemouth to win 2-0, visible squad better Gunners were dominant, the attack can be in an invincible position at least once again home court. ? note that nearly half a month with Arsenal devil race, face Tottenham, Manchester United and Paris have come to draw during the 4 goals in a 2 ball opponent oolong, the remaining 2 balls are all arranged by Giroux, visible on the offensive end Arsenal’s recent bottleneck, is expected to play the game. ? in addition, the need to pay attention to is the worst record in the history of Arsenal often occurred in November, but this year is different from the past, the vast majority of the main bench in a healthy state, there are many quality players, team size more solid, so the gun even in November hit the devil race, but still keep a record of 18 consecutive games unbeaten. ? lineup, after Wenger midfielder Cazorla injured frequently try, Sanchez recently replaced Giroux as the starting center, but Giroux has continuously came off the bench to score goals, and Wenger also tried different combinations of midfield, but both Coquelin and Ramsey take the tie card, or partner have little effect, nearly 3 a draw is not the same as the starting lineup, visible Wenger still need time to find the best solution to solve the problem of the attack. Bournemouth? Bournemouth is the team reaches the Premier League, and the team of the season in the main strategic focus in the middle and lower reaches of the team who met the team grab points, mainly upstream most Bao Ping, nearly 12 rounds recorded 4 wins 3 flat 5 negative, in table tenth. ? the last round of the league in Bournemouth as a guest to a 1-0 victory over Storck City, the end of the previous 3 consecutive winless record, the team improved a lot, greatly enhanced the confidence points from arsenal. ? Bournemouth’s squad is far less than Arsenal, recently met 2 times failed, in fact, cherry.相关的主题文章: