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One of the most .mon ways for someone to cause an evergreen tree to propagate or to reproduce is by stem cutting. Stem cuttings of your favorite evergreen shrubs or trees are very easy to root. Some of the species of evergreen trees are difficult to root but this can be done if the right conditions are present. A greenhouse is not needed to propagate a species of evergreen tree by stem cuttings. The most important requirement is that the stem cuttings are placed in high humidity. This means that if you are rooting only a handful of cuttings you can easily use a flower pot to propagate the tree or shrub. In order to propagate an evergreen by means of stem cuttings the home gardener needs to maintain high humidity around the cutting. This can be ac.plished by placing a plastic bag over top the flower pot or the cut out milk jug. The stem cuttings can also be placed in plastic trays and covered with clear plastic that has been stretched over a type of frame. Make sure to place holes in the bottom of the plastic tray for proper drainage. The plastic will keep reduce water loss and keep the humidity high. The home gardener can treat the stem cuttings with a root promoting .pound that will stimulate the planting of roots in plants that otherwise would be very difficult to root. This can be used when trying to propagate an evergreen tree. To prevent the contamination of the entire supply of the rooting mixture you want to put some into a separate container before the stem cuttings are treated. An item that has been involved with the treatment of the stem cuttings should be discarded and not returned to the original container. When using a rooting mixture the rooting medium should be low in fertility, sterile and well drained in order to provide a sufficient amount of aeration. The rooting medium should retain enough the moisture so that one does not have to water the stem cuttings very often. The materials that are most .monly used in a rooting medium are a mixture of one part peat and one part sand. When a home gardener is using a rooting medium water is always used as a base. This is one of the most important rules. An evergreen tree or an evergreen shrub will begin to grow roots in this type of environment. In order for an evergreen tree to propagate the conditions have to be just right. The stem cuttings need the high humidity in order to promote growth. This is a critical step in the propagation process. An evergreen tree or shrub is very beautiful to have as part of your landscaping. The evergreen tree does not lose its needles during the harsh winter months allowing one to continually appreciate the simplistic beauty that defines the evergreen tree. Follow the suggestions above in order to propagate an evergreen tree or shrub from home. Great Taste Of The World"��s Best Flavoured Gins By: Mark Well – Are you a gin lover? 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