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The "Star Trek" in politics [Abstract]Liya Somin said: "the" Star Trek "of socialist imagination itself is not the problem, but the setting does not take into account the serious issues. How does the socialist economy of the Galactic Federation work?" "Star Trek: beyond the domestic stars" is being released in 1966, from the "Star Trek" premiered on television, it has lasted for half a century of brilliant in the TV movie on the stage. The "Star Trek" to the future of the world space for the stage, there is no pure visual impact and killing scenes in a film, but because of the huge world view and rich content, formed its own unique culture. It can be said that the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" series is not only the Hollywood film and television drama, they even form a part of American culture, a lot of scholars from the two series in the interpretation of the various political and ideological era. The George Mason university law professor Liya Somin is almost the interpretation of "contemporary political spokesperson" Star Trek, he repeatedly wrote of "Star Trek" in politics. In a recent article in the "Star Trek" is not libertarian ", Liya Somin raised a question of" Star Trek "embraced libertarianism or socialist values. It is not easy to generalize it has sold 50 years of science fiction masterpiece, this masterpiece shows the profound thinking on the century in 60s of the universe exploration, politics, science and technology civilization. Many liberals and non liberals are well aware of the insightful political events of the book. But Liya Somin believes that, in the final analysis, the "Star Trek" cannot be considered a libertarian faction of the works, because it actually has a tendency of socialism. Compared to most science fiction and popular culture, "Star Trek" has a very long history, and in a thoughtful way to solve political problems. Some of its themes are liberal, as well as the audience who have widely supported liberal values. "Star Trek: beyond the stars" in 60s, the United States and the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war, while the United States bogged down in the quagmire of the Vietnam War, science fiction writers in the works described in the sunny utopian future, as the spiritual sustenance of people. Jean Roddenberry · the creation of "Star Trek" is one of the masterpieces. The future of the world, human civilization is highly developed, to overcome poverty, disease, war and ideological differences, and mastered the advanced ability of Star Trek, began to explore the Milky Way, looking for a new world, spread the seeds of civilization. The "Star Trek" in the character set is very inclusive, there are people on earth, Vulcan and Romulan, Klingon, Berg in the Milky Way. The members of the enterprise. Which is also diversified, mate Spock is half human Vulcan, communications officer Wu Hu La is black women, Chikov is a Russian pilot rudder, a Japanese American pilot Su Lu. Taking into account the political background of the United States there are still apartheid, the United States and the Soviet Union cold war, the end of World War II and other factors, these settings:相关的主题文章: