The Story Of Elijah The Prophet-jinshen

UnCategorized The words of the bible have not changed throughout the years and they still apply today. You can probably find many different interpretations of the bible given by various people. In some instances people have confused about what God is actually trying to say. Some people have actually challenged the word of God and believe that the bible contradicts itself. In order to say that the bible contradicts itself you must also say that he made a mistake when he wrote the bible. Since we know that God does not make mistakes and he is perfect it is safe to say that the Bible does not contradict itself. God clearly speaks out against lying in bible verses such as proverbs 6:16-17. What would be the point of God pointing out the importance of not lying and then turn around and do the same thing. Just by checking out this one passage it is clearly obvious that God would never tell a lie. Many people also like to discuss the subject of life after death. It is a .mon belief that after you die you will go to heaven. The bible clearly states that when the Lord returns to get his followers many people will have to die. Many people teach that your soul will live and not die. It is important that you understand that you must endure a physical death before you can ascend to heaven. Due to the sins of Adam and Eve we all must die one day. After you die only then can you walk eternally with God in your new body. No one’s sinful soul is transformed into their new body. Sin is not present in heaven and everyone has a sinless body. When he returns to Earth to get his believers, some of them will have to endure a physical death before they can go to heaven. One story in the bible states that a man by the name of Enoch was transported by God so that he could not see death and so that no one could find him. God can do even the impossible. God saved Enoch from imminent death by getting him away from the danger. God did not transport Enoch to heaven. God simply saved his life. God did use his power to transport some people from one place to another. God clearly states in the bible that no one will be transported straight to heaven due to our sinful nature. Due to Christ dying on the cross for all our sins we are able to enjoy an eternal life in heaven. It is important to note that the bible does contain the answer to life’s questions. There are things that people do not understand in the bible and because of this they are following half truths. You can understand the bible by taking the time to study it and allow God to reveal his doctrine. About the Author: . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: