The technology is amazing in Europe from the parking so close is intentional (video) dingxiangwuyuetian

The technology is amazing in Europe from the parking so close is intentional? Pay attention to parking parking car will make such errors hurt carts network users can have youth asked: European stop so near to what? It is said that the Europeans are very close to the car, the front and rear cars to go out. So why stop, can’t stop a little further? The cart net users evo0425 answer: main questions I have deep feelings in europe. In the road is not wide, there are indeed a lot of vehicles to get close to the parking lot, and even do not hit the front and rear cars really can not open the kind of. However, not all places in Europe are close to the front and rear cars, some of the broad square or parking spaces have side by side parking places, such places will not be particularly crowded situation. The problem is usually in the street on both sides of the parking lot, the car before and after the minimum distance of 0m, that is, hit. And when I was walking on a street in Paris, a car was right next to me. Different from our domestic parking habits is that the driver in the rear of the vehicle is still not parked close to the car in front of the car stopped, and I clearly saw the car and the car in front of the distance is only about an apple mobile phone thickness, more recently hit. However, the owner is no scruple to leave the subway car. In our country, almost all of the time before and after parking will try to set aside some space for their own, you can easily leave their own easy to move out of the car, not to bump into other people’s vehicles. The reason why some countries in Europe parking phenomenon, I think there are two main reasons. The first point is that some European cities in the parking lot of tension, this approach is to maximize parking. Some European city road is a stone pile formed on the ground, and not our domestic flat suet Road, while the width is not and some domestic big city compared. There are a lot of similar to the "Hutong" or "alley" street, only the equivalent of two-way lane, so the smaller city has more car parking situation, close some is "for the sake of others". We will leave some distance before and after parking, in order to ensure that the vehicle can be parked on the side of the road, then perhaps the largest space vehicles will be despised. It is also the narrow city road so that the owners have to squeeze me, I squeeze your local parking. Another reason is that some Europeans, especially the French and Italians to chat with friends, drink coffee, red wine, sitting on the roadside shop talk. The car is just a means of transport, as it is not be rub completely not to care, their brains seem to be for the car this thing is not so seriously. I have been in the streets of Paris to see a lot of scratches and dent car parked on the roadside, perhaps too lazy to go to the root of the owner maintenance, does not affect the running of all. Therefore, when parking parked near or even some rub, who are not to care about, in the course of time has become a "normal", as some people say that in a big city who haven’t lost a bike like nature. In Europe, I also found a lot of drivers for driving, parking is very casual, not completely.相关的主题文章: