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The gradual disappearance of the village falls – Sohu (China tourism media news Zhou Hui) fenqiangdaiwa Qu Xiang, flyfox, your heart at home. " could see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia ". This is how many people in the city of nostalgia, how to " in the new urbanization tide; see, see, see life " to protect the ancient village, left heart attic a party put the nostalgia for the modern people? We must first put forward several problems: first, the history of ancient villages and how to protect the natural environment? A microcosm of the history of the village is too much of the local culture, are by local elders and the squire, word of mouth, and now no one listen to finishing. Two, how to keep the ancient villages do not change the original features in the new tide of urbanization? Because of economic interests, many ancient villages in foreign culture erosion, coupled with the local government to make achievements, the completion of the local village shaking Qian Shu. However, local farmers who lost their land in the process of change, because of the problem of interest distribution will only complain. Three, the development of ancient villages lack of planning? A leader of a sample, making the ancient villages in the development of the lack of step by step. The national policy to guide the development of rural tourism, some of the institutions and experts in order to obtain national policy subsidies immediately began in ancient villages like a swarm of bees, the local government in order to cater to the one-sided achievements. Four, the ancient villages disappearing of the squire? The cultural heritage of ancient villages are each by the local squire as a leader in the drive, now the leading role in the development of the Internet because of the losing their local. However, the folk culture also lost the long-term development of the territory, we gradually lost the nostalgia. With all the confusion, in a full moon on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the reporter was lucky enough to go to the temple village Yunnan Dali Jizushan at the foot of the mountain, in the old village and the old village Tian Jiaxiang talked about the moon. There is a local reputation in the old village, is also hoping to find the squire reporter. The entrance to the village through the long stone road into the old village, reporters can feel the Bai People’s enthusiasm, respect the month on the table stood full moon cake fruits, brewed by Grape Juice filled glass. This is the old village with the local folk custom. The village stone path there is another story, that is to find the county one hundred and fifty thousand old village road costs, intended to be a cement road, but considering the old village after the road repair costs not bad, he took the one hundred and fifty thousand as the quarry cost, the beginning of the road. The old village that long told reporters that this road seven times before he finished, every time the money to build a section, this has been the ancient village of the stone path. It was because of a rustic road left for the village poor inadvertently, the old village with a little bitter told reporters. Try our water, but this year the US tsaio the villagers in the mountains found a spring, come back and tell me my change to spring into our every household, it than your city’s natural mineral water. The old village with a proud invited reporters that sweet tea, has been in the press around the tongue ying. It’s just)相关的主题文章: