The Xinjiang team for 15 years. The 80 Beijing Xinjiang Xinjiang Liaoning hostile index as high as 9-姉summer

The 15 year of the Xinjiang team scores: 80 Beijing Xinjiang Xinjiang Liaoning hostile index as high as 99 sina sports news source: morning Hui public number for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, this is a wonderful season, this is a special season, Xinjiang’s output of players this season, far more than from the introduction of the. This season, Xinjiang 19 opponents, there are 12 teams have the old men’s basketball team in Xinjiang. To a certain extent, it depends on the outcome of the Xinjiang youth training system. Now the Xinjiang basketball talent, but Xinjiang fans can not forget our roots, once the poor and blank Xinjiang men’s basketball team, the Xinjiang Guanghui club and Xinjiang Sports Bureau for 16 years under the rough work, many domestic basketball people helping, basketball has become Xinjiang important a name card. The following is a reporter with the Flying Tigers through 15 years, the memory of the dribs and drabs, we look at the inside and outside the stadium, the grace and resentment. The growth of Xinjiang basketball has today’s success, Liaoning, Bayi, Shanghai, Jilin and many other basketball players. The introduction of good basketball talents for the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, China basketball talent exchange and occupation process with ice breaking work. 1, Liaoning Wang will blame Xinjiang imprint: glory gasification has the former Xinjiang player Hodson sentiment index: 100 hostile index: 80 Liaoning’s most famous basketball championship coach Jiang Xingquan, an architect of the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, many Xinjiang players and fans called him, Jiang ye. In 2002, he led the Xinjiang into a A, then get the good results of the fifth, dark horse words once long time with Xinjiang. 2008-2011, he led Xinjiang to the finals for the three straight year, but the work not completed, failed to win. The same is Liaoning, Cui Wanjun took Jiang Xingquan’s gun, two years after the completion of the reconstruction of Xinjiang, let Battelle period, let Xinjiang in 2013 again. Two Liaoning, from scratch, to help Xinjiang four into the finals, although failed to win regret, but the tenacious defense and become the flying tiger team spirit, Tianshan Three Musketeers, Mulati, buy my blue, xirelijiang, Koran Hornbeck, they cultivate these Xinjiang basketball star fans for having heard it many times. As the first domestic basketball talents in Liaoning Province, only to Xinjiang Zhang Qingpeng, Liu Shunan Zhou Qi and the output of three players, only let Zhou Qi Liaoning fans in Xinjiang have a deep hatred, but the difference between occupation basketball and professional basketball, lies in the transfer market and the players open flow, because the frequent introduction of Xinjiang the Chinese basketball player, a pool of stagnant water talent market gradually breaking. Liaoning also benefit from Xinjiang, in the summer of 2013, they had paid out in Xinjiang to find king Hodson, now three years in the Liaoning fans called him "Kazakhstan God", the so-called enemy off it, grateful for the fans in Xinjiang, or Liaoning. Liaoning should be proud of Liaoning basketball players to enhance the strength of Xinjiang basketball. Half of the former Guangdong’s dominance has merits of Liaoning, this is the pride of Liaoning, rather than resentment. Early to occupation, why not king Liao basket. 2, eight years of irrigation trees line new.相关的主题文章: