Thin but heart ASUS Ling Yao 3 light in Chongqing to open the next line

Since the thin enchanted ASUS spirit ~ 3 light of this opening in Chongqing line to experience the spirit of ASUS glory 3 notebook since the end of September officially on sale, due to internal and external vivid, beautiful and practical will be perfect together. Coupled with the high value of the male god Jing Bairan endorsement, has received great attention. In order to allow users to experience the spirit of glory 3 have great originality design aesthetic, and strong performance, Ling Yao 3 in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places of the ASUS experience store opened under the line of hands-on activities. In October 30th, the line experience activities came to the Longhu times Street hall C. In the new experience, the users are competing with the male god Jing Bairan licensing brand photo, participate in interactive WeChat. After the first experience of Yao Ling 3, then the use of Yao Yao to win the competition at the scene of all levels of good manners full of confidence in the 3. Experience will officially begin, Chongqing ASUS notebook products in your area manager Ms. Huang Wenxiu told Ling Yao 3 detail, fans have lamented the Ling Yao notebook can not only meet the demand of fashion Master notebook thin exquisite appearance, has seen its application more wonderful. After watching who measured the right to unlock a series of interactive game puzzles, the presence of fans have won a variety of beautiful gifts, the game also let the scene of a variety of live laughter. Experience will be the scene by ASUS and red star Mika Ryujiro mall jointly create a life aesthetic experience zone. As with the ASUS laptop, cooperation brand is king furniture won the German Red Dot Design Award, the Nordic style simple and clean, and the spirit of ASUS glory 3 slim beautiful echoes, more fit young fashion crowd taste, also showing a more perfect living space. Bring the purchase discounts in the street in the era of C hall two floor of the ASUS store experience for fans to experience the fans will receive 200 yuan cash coupon site in ASUS notebook! The same day the purchase of ASUS notebook will also receive a value of 399 yuan VR glasses, wireless mouse and outdoor tents each one. The core of the spirit of ASUS 3 with the free full of wisdom in the spirit of ASUS Hwan 3 series products design concept, to create excellent performance is difficult to achieve in the notebook! The spirit of ASUS 3 series not only shine combo notebook, is a powerful mobile computing center. The spirit of ASUS in 3, thin light about 6.9mm, about 695g. Equipped with seventh generation Intel core M processor, web performance compared to the previous generation processor can enhance the efficiency of 12% and 19%. Coupled with faster 8GB LPDDR3 memory and high performance 512GB SSD hard drive (maximum support), can easily complete the daily office and leisure time required for high load tasks. Can even shoot 13 million pixels on the 3 experience in the spirit shine, let the application experience more exciting. In addition, the spirit and the spirit of 3 Hwan Hwan 3Pro can also find the connection of ASUS and ROG XG universal docks to Station 2, and ASUS and ASUS music box capacitance pen with 3K resolution display and high quality audio technology, to experience more entertainment applications. ASUS Ling Yao 3 inside and outside the United States are thin and elegant Ling Yao as ASUS.相关的主题文章: