This app is a special feature of the international version of the drift bottle. – Sohu

This App is a special feature of the international version of the drift bottle. Sohu science and technology from many international friends! The Paper Planes rule is actually very simple, like an international version of the drift bottle. The corresponding object we can throw paper planes from the company also has a crush on a small jam, extended to the whole world! Of course, in addition we can catch the plane outside the international friends paper airplane. ?? Poor friends before a paper airplane can cover a part of your stamp on the letter, the postmark form is also very rich. There are all sorts of strange things printed with various animal stamps, and display the date and your location postmark. Cover the postmark after you can make your small plane to gallop… ?? We can cover the postmark and international friends postmark superposition. As long as people catch a plane in the plane in the pool, then cover the postmark on it belongs to you. Following this wild paper airplane is Shichao randomly captured, has been Robert from Australia, and from the two festival Li Goudan covered postmark… ?? A simple stamp, so across across different color, different languages and huge cultural differences. The whole world is shrinking. Yes, this full screen through paper planes each from around the world to bear children!!! ?? And then using a mobile phone to the poor friends of the folded paper planes dropped into the computer, you can paper airplane in the vast pool of free flying aircraft. Just wait for the next international friend to catch it… The same is also very simple to capture the paper plane, as long as the phone screen appears to capture the network, waving in the air, see when the aircraft fell into the net. You got it. ? this is a very simple free application from Google labs, or even simply do not need to download a App. Only need to use a scientific way to log on to a web site can fly your paper plane. This simple little game makes the world feel so close to the world. Because no matter where you come from, what kind of color, how the education. When you throw a paper plane at the moment, we are just childishness child. Here gathered rare, fun App, like to pay attention to us, WeChat public number: Appiction相关的主题文章: