This is a smart home controlled by iPhone but it is a candle diqua

This is Home Furnishing intelligent iPhone control but it is the candle: Wei Feng network we live in such an era, we can see all the clever. Yes, smart home has occupied the watch, door locks, sockets, light bulbs, etc., but we have been accustomed to these, or use iPhone to control a candle, you will feel very innovative. As an intelligent love Home Furnishing friends, perhaps this is a great thing, but the use of iPhone to control a candle, do not know whether there are some of my friends would not accept that. Ludela, the company said it is the world’s first real sense of smart candles. In fact, it is a beautiful candle design, and the use of the application, which will allow users to control it "lit", and remote fire. In fact, we can use the application to control a lot of candles, we only need to click a button on the iPhone. Maybe some day in the future when you recall some ancestors or marriage, you will use it. Dry, careful, since it is a candle, can produce a flame, so we have to pay attention to safety. It will be carried out without an environmental check to ensure the safety of the candle lit, if someone touched or tilted it, it will automatically extinguish. When Ludela goes on sale next year, it retails for $149, and if you book now, you only have to pay $99. I know there are some people who say that $99 is enough for me to spend a lifetime, but sometimes 99 dollars really can’t buy a taste.相关的主题文章: