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This is the powder barrel! Crisis this market ushered in the biggest risk point? The European bank stress tests that Italy West Bank bottom when the world has been focusing on the United States election, OPEC conference, a market news was ignored, this is probably the only real barrels of gunpowder! Deutsche Bank’s share price continued to slump, has sparked concerns about the market. The next crisis in Europe’s banking sector is on the way! Overnight Italy cabinet announced in December 4th for constitutional reform referendum, some analysts said the incident risk comparable to British exit! Deutsche Bank shares continued to slump in the European banking crisis on the road? Monday (September 26th), the Frankfurt stock exchange Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) shares closed at 10.55 euros per share, at least hit the lowest since 1992. On Monday fell 7.54%, since this month, the United States Department of justice requested a $14 billion huge settlement, Deutsche Bank shares fell 20% cumulative, since this year was down about 53%. As is known to all, Deutsche Bank is the leading European bank, with the largest derivatives trading business in europe. Deutsche Bank said on Monday that the United States asked the bank to pay $14 billion to resolve the issue of improper sales of mortgage backed securities (MBS), without the German government to assist. The U.S. Justice Department and other regulatory agencies out of the ticket price of $14 billion to the bank. The reason is that Deutsche Bank in the 2008 financial crisis involved in illegal financial activities. This is the United States in the history of foreign banks in the United States issued the highest ticket. The German magazine Focus reported last weekend, Prime Minister Merkel and Deutsche Bank Co CEO John Cryan in the summer meet, and has hinted that he don’t expect to solve the dispute with the US Department of justice has made the government help. The report quoted government sources as saying that Merkel has ruled out the provision of state aid to Deutsche bank. Deutsche Bank responded on Monday, saying it did not ask for government aid, nor did it make a request for assistance. "Klein did not request the government to the Ministry of justice in Germany’s MBS cases in the United States," Deutsche Bank spokesman said, to face the challenges of the guild. Some analysts believe that due to the huge loss of Deutsche Bank derivatives, is likely to trigger a bad debt crisis in the European banking industry. European banks of bad debts spread panic, the main source of huge losses in the banking industry in Italy and Deutsche Bank derivatives 360 billion non-performing loans caused by the chain reaction. Deutsche Bank’s share price continued to slump, has sparked concerns about the market, whether it implies that the next crisis in the European banking sector has been on the road? Italy’s constitutional reform referendum as a British exit risk? In order to promote the reform of the legislative process, Italy will hold a referendum. Italy’s prime minister Ferenczi on Monday (September 26th) announced a referendum on constitutional reform to determine the time in December 4th of this year. Citibank said in July that the referendum in Italy will be the biggest risk point in European politics after the referendum". Although relations between the EU and Italy are strained, the eu.相关的主题文章: