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This year, Dalian police through video detection accounted for 42.5% of the Public Security Bureau launched the WeChat self-service best! The scene of the accident to upload photos can be quickly evacuated, the original deal with the accident had to delay up to more than half an hour, and now with WeChat remote self-service, it will take 5 minutes!" Opened more than and 10 years of taxi Master Wang excitedly told reporters.     in the face of the new social crime prevention against increasing difficulty, the traditional crime increasing challenges in the Internet and new media under the action of the Dalian public security prevention and control system in the exploration practice of the upgraded version of the journey, to stimulate the innovation of science and technology "and" work force, to win public praise. Refresh the information process to upgrade   "cloud policing" intelligent application was the power of effective clues uncovered more than 2, 7 million 800 thousand yuan single network fraud cases, cracked network Fanqiang, 26 cases of drug trafficking cases. This is the beginning of this year, cloud police data through the background of technical services to the grassroots team to support the actual effectiveness.         to make the security dynamic change from passive response to active predict decisions with the transition from perceptual intuition of police rational vector, Dalian public security virtualization, big data, cloud computing, advanced technology service bus, built to provide strong support and protection, management and control, service etc. the work of public security information platform, through the full play of information resources on the advantages of the realization of the background information push to the front desk, provides the "point", flat information support for the police, the police, the formation of OCS network under integrated combat situation.         this year, the city’s 624 communities can reduce the anti crime rate 26.9%. For different types of oil city’s 28 petrochemical enterprises one by one to establish a database, targeted with high performance foam 571 tons, this year, the city’s fire fell 62.26%, the direct economic loss of 78.48% yoy. The quality and efficiency of   synthesis method; grid management refers to the layout of the city’s based on intelligent dispatching system, the city’s public security organs in science and technology, the function of the three aspects of the police, to promote co-ordination, comprehensive measures, formed a new pattern of three-dimensional prevention covering the city, comprehensively promote the three-dimensional prevention and upgrade.         in technology layout, for the construction of urban and rural integration of video surveillance network, city police to promote social security prevention and control integration of resources, the online video monitoring system run rate of more than 95%. This year, the number of the total number of cases solved by video surveillance 42.5%. In May 9th this year, 12:25, the PUC command center received a report: in Xianglujiao a hotel door, a man suspected of being the four men hijacked a car license plate number for Hebei D651XX white TOYOTA car. PUC command center immediately issued a directive, launched the city’s seal and control network, the police front launched intercept, decisive to intercept the suspect vehicle, a series of instructions issued quickly, Executive Yuan相关的主题文章: