This year, the Nobel prize for literature delayed publication of the highest voice of Kenya w-kasey chase

This year’s Nobel prize for literature to postpone the announcement of   the highest voice — Kenya writer Liaoning channel — original title: this year’s Nobel prize for literature to postpone the announcement of Kenya writers voice of the highest original title: Kenya writer Nobel Literary Award for the highest voice of Kenya writer En Gu Kyrgyzstan? W? Dian brother was born in Kenya in 1938 a peasant family. In 1964 published the first novel "the child, you do not cry" made him famous, the novels in the context of the Kenya independence movement, a peasant family in the national struggle in the tragedy, won the 1965 Black Arts Festival Award and prize for literature in East africa. Then after the creation of the novel "a grain of wheat" by a traitor in celebration of national independence initiative to confess to a crime, describes the "all kinds of people in the Mau Mau movement" thought, published in China in 1984. Ngugi thought he was an anti colonial writer, so from the beginning of 1978, he gave up writing in english. Ngugi taught at Yale University and other colleges and universities. As well as the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, grace Ji has repeatedly in the Nobel Prize to accompany the run". The newspaper news (reporter Chen Mengxi) the Nobel prize for literature in 2016 was published in the Swedish local time on October 6th, the The Associated Press reported that this year’s Nobel prize in literature may be postponed to October 13th issue, the media speculated that it was because the judges did not reach a consensus. It is worth mentioning that this year there are two Chinese writers are more concerned about, respectively, in recent years, even the Kafka prize and other international literary awards of the famous poet and the famous poet, Kitajima, and so on. The reporter found that, as of the morning of 5, the Nobel prize’s official website has been issued out of this year’s prize in physiology or medicine, prize in physics and chemistry, and announced the peace prize, in 7, 10, awarded the prize in economics, but still said "literature prize date TBD". According to Europe and the United States mainstream media reports, the accident was postponed because the Nobel judges did not reach a unified opinion, because this year, such as Alexeyevich did not have the absolute advantage of the writer. The annual Nobel prize for literature does not publish a short list of finalists, will always make it difficult to guess the outside world, many media and stakeholders will be based on foreign media gaming sites to predict. According to ladbroke, the UK’s largest gaming website, in addition to "leader" of the famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, is the highest voice of Kenya writer Ngugi watts?? an American woman writer and brother mentioned, "female version of Faulkner," said Joyce? Carol? Oates, but since 2013 the Canadian writer Monroe and 2015 Belarus writer Alexeyevich award, the industry generally believe that the writer is not likely to continue this year. In addition, the most famous contemporary American writer Philip? Ross and Norway well-known playwright Jon Fosse (there is no official translation) and the chance of winning the Syria famous poet Adonis is also great. But many of the media in recent years the Nobel prize awarded to European and American writers frequently questioned, even ironic as "European Literature Award" for the nationality of the writer consider other factors).相关的主题文章: